Gun Problems: Resolved!

Does dealing with your gun collection ever give you a headache? As much as we love firearms here at GTA Guns, we fully admit that sometimes problems can arise. Maybe you’ve run out of room for your collection or have inherited a gun that you didn’t want. Or it could be as simple as an […]

Solve Firearm Problems Now: Gun Liquidation in the GTA

Do you have a “problem” when it comes to collecting guns? For instance, what happens when the size of your collection becomes an issue? Imagine that you need to downsize your living situation, and there is no more room for every gun you own. How do you quickly sell several firearms for what they’re actually […]

I Have to Execute a Will That Includes Firearms. So, Now What?

Have you ever been the executor of an estate that contained multiple firearms? As the executor of a will, there’s an incredible weight on your shoulders. You must execute the post-mortem wishes of your client while also working with those still processing a loved one’s death. In many cases, everything is simple. There’s a will […]

Choosing the Best Gun Auction in Canada: What Makes GTA Guns Better Than the Competition

Quick question: Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? It doesn’t really matter which one you prefer as they mainly offer the same thing: sugar and lots of it! The same goes for many other brands. While everyone has preferences, these rival brands are essentially selling the same product. It’s rare that you find a brand […]

Looking for the Best Gun Auction Site in Canada? How We Do What We Do Better Than The Other Guys

What makes GTA Guns different from anyone else in Canada? Whenever someone goes to a new business, they are always wondering the same thing, “What makes your company different from the others?” For some businesses, their products set them apart. For others, it’s the customer service. So, what makes us different? How do we fetch […]

Economic Slump? Now is the Time to Sell Your Guns and Make Some Money

Have you been stressed out over the last few months? The precautions to prevent a significant COVID-19 outbreak have taken a toll on all of us, and the current state of the economy isn’t making things easier. With businesses closed across the country for months, travel suspended around the world, and an unpredictable stock market, […]

Why GTA Guns Fetches 22% Higher Prices* for Sellers than Other Firearms Auctions

Do you want to get as much money as possible when you sell a piece from your firearm collection? One of the biggest “selling” points for GTA Guns is that firearms sold through our auctions fetch an average of 22% more money than other firearm auctions*. So not only are you going to get a […]

Attention Lawyers: Solve Your Clients' Gun and Firearms Issues

Lawyers: Do you have a client with a gun problem? If you have a client with a gun problem of any kind, we’re here to help. Your client’s firearm issue could include: Owning an unregistered firearm Not having a firearm license Storing their guns in an unsafe manner Executing a Will that includes firearms Or […]

Fast Money: How to Sell Your Guns

Are you currently a little worried about your finances? Because of physical distancing in the era of COVID-19, many non-essential businesses needed to close their doors. This has left many Canadians furloughed, or out of work entirely. Yes, there have been wage subsidy programs put into place by the federal government, but for many, this […]

Hunting in Ontario: Big Game Draws

Are you excited for hunting season? Just about everyone is going a bit stir crazy right now, which is understandable after 2+ months of following stay-at-home guidelines. Thankfully, some of the COVID-19 restrictions are starting to relax, and just in time for hunting season! Hunting small game is one thing, but if you want to […]