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When Is the Right Time to Sell Your Guns?

Do you invest in the stock market? We all know the trick to making money through stocks is to buy low and sell high. The hard part is knowing when to sell. You might sell too early, only to watch the stock price keep rising. But you could sell too late, and the entire stock […]

What Gun Owners in Newmarket Should Know

Do you store your firearms in your Newmarket home? It might be time to make a change! Newmarket, Ontario is a pretty great place to live. Not only do we have a low crime rate, exceptional healthcare, affordable homes, and beautiful scenery, but we also have a fantastic shopping centre in the Upper Canada Mall! […]

What To Do With Your Deceased Husband's Guns

What do you do with a firearm collection built by your partner that you don’t want? It’s important to remember that there are two people in a marriage, and their interests might not always line up. One could be really into travel, while the other might be a homebody. One loves cats, the other loves […]

Gunsmithing Services in Newmarket

Have any of your firearms ever required maintenance? Nothing lasts forever. Even if you take excellent care of your firearms, eventually something will go wrong with them. Guns have many moving pieces, and even one small thing being out of alignment can diminish their overall performance. Then there are times when a firearm might work […]

How to Get a Gun License in Ontario in 2021

Have you heard about the changes to the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act that could impact the way you apply for a gun license? Over the last few years, the Federal government has been looking at legislation to put new firearm restrictions into place. This appears to be in response to isolated incidents of […]

The Resale Market for Guns in Canada

Do you ever wonder what the gun resale market is like in Canada? Due to more relaxed firearm laws in the United States, the resale of firearms tends to be a little more common south of the border. Gun shows and other regional events in the U.S. offer firearm enthusiasts an opportunity to purchase used […]

Should You Store Your Guns at Home?

Whenever a new firearm owner contacts us looking to purchase a gun, they always ask the same question, “Where do I keep it?” Storage can be a big problem when it comes to firearms. If you have several rifles, they can take up a ton of space. If you don’t have extra room in your […]

Why You Must Make Arrangements for Your Firearms in Your Will

When was the last time you updated your Will? No matter your age, post-death planning is something that you should be thinking about. We know that isn’t a very comfortable topic, but believe us, planning now will make everything much easier on your loved ones once you eventually pass. While you should be thinking about […]

Safe Storage - The Best Way to Store Your Guns in the GTA

How do you store your firearms? Firearm storage can be a hot topic of conversation with collectors, hunters, and enthusiasts. Frankly, the idea of storing firearms under a bed or in an old, musty basement is horrifying to those who know the dangers of those options. One provides a danger to your family, and the […]

Can I Travel With My Firearms

How often do you travel with your firearms? Whether you are dropping firearms off at a secure storage facility, heading to a shooting range, or going hunting, travelling with your guns can be an involved process. Many new firearm owners are concerned about the legality of transporting their guns, but thankfully, it’s easy! You only […]