In the video on the right you can learn about one consignor’s experience with GTA Guns & Gear Auctions as both his trusted auctioneer and for safe storage of his collection.

Here are some metrics from this executor’s estate:

  • Appraised value by an outside industry professional (not us) – $203,000
  • Total auction selling price – $313,750

We outperformed the appraised value by $110,750, an improvement of 54%.

Dear Gordon,
I extend my most sincere thank-you for managing the sale of my two handguns. I have never used an auction service to sell any of my firearms in the past, and quite frankly I was more than a little nervous. When you and your associate came to my home, you not only answered all of my questions(with great patience), you provided myself with details that I had not thought of. Being an avid gun collector for more than forty years, I have bought and sold a great number of firearms and may I say I have never sold a firearm through a third party. A third party with your experience, knowledge and above all your honesty and integrity. Herein, I give consent for you to have any future clients call me directly should they have any reservations of any kind. Gord, I believe this is just the start of what I hope to be a lasting relationship.

Ronald G. P

Dear Gord,
Thank you very much for my cheque received today.  I am very pleased with the result you achieved for me. I trust your business will continue to do well.

With kind regards,

Hello Gord,
I am very pleased with the two bayonets I bought at auction, Portugese #230 and Brazilian #238. Excellent condition for both. Keep up the good work with the quality.  I have been mislead at other auctions with descriptions and condition issues. On your upcoming auction: what is the date of the Lee Enfields with the sequential serial numbers?

John Sxxxxxx

Just a note to thank you for helping me sell my prohibs. As you know I used the proceeds to purchase some very good quality German flint and percussion rifles. I like your auction format, lots of fun, not boring as hell like the others.


Thank you sir,
Won’t take up to much your time, just like say he attended your last auction drove up from Belleville and was his first auction and had a great time and we was very pleased with the swedish mauser he took home, from both of us thank you for the great service

Thanks Gord and sure go ahead with your proposal,
I was extremely pleased with the results of the gun auctions. I just returned last week from Europe my son deposited the cheque a and I was extremely happy

Thank you very much!

Hi Gord:
I just received a cheque along with the Seller Settlement Statement for the auction sale of 2 rifles and ammunition.  You have far exceeded my expectations. There is no way I could have come close to that amount if I tried to go it alone. Just as important or more important, it was the most  care free process I have ever experienced. My worries and legal obligations ended the moment you took possession of my fire arms.

I will definitely recommend your services to any one willing to listen to me. Thanks for the safe disposition of my firearms. The attached check was a huge bonus.

Take care,

Hi Gord,
I was very pleasantly surprised to open my mail and receive your cheque. The whole process of dealing with you was most professional. Thank-you for your service. Hope to see you at the club some time. Will recommend you to others.


Hi Gord,
I just received you cheque the other day and wanted to thankyou for your fast, professional and friendly service. It was very entertaining to watch the on-line auction.

As an aside, do you know of a reliable auction house you would recommend for me to deal with a number of coins, stamps and some militaria (badges, caps etc)?


Sometimes we don’t get it right. When that happens, we admit to and correct our mistakes. Thank you for your professional handling of this matter.


Hi Gord:
I am very pleased with the results of the auction. You present the merchandise very well and leave few areas for question. I received your cheque promptly as you stated in your presentation and we were impressed with the professional manner and knowledge of you an your staff.

What a coincidence that you worked at West End and Weston gun shop where I purchase some of these firearms. Be assured that I will pass on your name and information to anyone that I encounter who may be looking to buy or sell firearms.

All the best,
John & Gloria

Dear Gord,

I am a forty year firearms shooter/collector/instructor/club executive etc., I have seen and heard all the story’s as to why people first say they can and then can’t deliver or provide me the services and or legal items I wish to buy. Or the product they advertise are not as they first described them.

I am very pleased with the operation of GTA Guns and Gear for the following demonstrated reasons.

  • First off the pre auction catalogue provides an accurate description and pictures of the product.
  • It’s available well in advance of the auction day so I can study and consider it.
  • On auction day all items are there and you can pick it up, see how it feels in your hands, look at it and make your final decision if it’s what you may want.
  • There auction does not have any hidden reserve pricing, before the auction starts you know what the buyer’s premium is and they have a HST number on your invoice so you know the tax goes to our government not in the seller’s pocket.
  • Their “gun check” program insures the gun you buy will work, as they test fire them and even have bore pictures to back it up.

Early this year I purchased a shot gun at the auction, after the auction when I was taking delivery I found a problem with one of the triggers, someone had pulled a trigger with the barrels removed and put the mechanism out of order. Gord sent it off and had it fixed at their expense and delivered to me also at his expense. No fuss no muss from them; it was just one of those things. They do what they say and stand behind it without any reservation.

Over all they are all a stand up group of people, they are operating a very professional operation and can be trusted to deliver the goods and services they advertise.

So far I have picked up two guns and some gear for my personal use; I usually end up there with several shooting friends and they have also done well this year and will return with me for future sales.

All the best,
Ivan B