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GTA Guns and Gear Auctions

Are you in possession of unwanted firearms?

Has someone you love passed away and left you with a gun problem?

Are you wondering how to get rid of guns left in your possession?

Would you like to trade in your unused firearms and make some money?

If you have a gun problem, we can solve it… And make it lucrative for you too!

What makes GTA Guns the best, most trusted source for buying and selling firearms in Ontario?

We understand that to make the seller happy (best prices), we have to make the buyer happy. (confidence)

We build buyer confidence by providing the best, most detailed, and accurate information about the condition of the firearm including:

  1. High-resolution pictures that clearly illustrate the condition of the firearm, including fiber-optic bore pictures. This information reduces the bidders’ uncertainty, translating into higher bids. (Exclusive to GTA Guns)
  2. A gunsmith’s professional examination of the firearm. Bidders gain confidence knowing that a specialist has done a full inspection. (Exclusive to GTA Guns)
  3. Range testing every semi-automatic to ensure they operate smoothly. No one wants to buy someone else’s problem. At GTA Guns, buyers make their purchases with confidence. (Exclusive to GTA Guns)

Guarantees for Buyers

Guarantee #1 – All firearms bought through GTA Guns are fully-operational. If for any reason, there’s a problem, we’ll pay for the shipping and repair.

Guarantee #2 – For items sold above $3,000, we have a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied, you may return the gun to us within 30 days, and we’ll sell it at our next auction with no seller’s fee* with immediate payment to the seller.

Start Selling Now!

At GTA Guns and Gear Auctions we know how to find the TOP VALUE for your guns.

We reach more of the right people to ensure you get the highest possible bids on your firearms. Though we’re located in the Greater Toronto Area, we have buyers across North America. We have an enormous subscriber list of interested buyers who are ready and waiting for our next email blast listing firearms for sale. With this warm and eager audience, we’re able to generate multiple bidders for each item, helping to drive the price up and put more money in your pocket.

We make selling guns in Canada easy!

  • Don’t worry about complicated legal paperwork to transfer the gun licence. Our process is secure, insured, and we take care of everything.
  • We provide safe gun storage. Let us store your firearms in our safe storage facility throughout the auction process. There is no extra cost for safe gun storage.
  • We safely and securely ship the firearm to the winning bidder for you.
  • We make the payment to the seller within 6 business days following the auction.

Gun Inspection and Appraisals

  • We provide expert GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™ firearm inspection services.
  • With GUNCHECK™, we ascertain your firearms’ external and internal condition and take high-quality photos for the auction listing.
  • With CYCLECHECK™, we make sure that all semi-automatic firearms properly fire and we take a high-resolution video for the auction listing to prove it.
  • If your firearms are determined to not be in good enough condition to sell, GTA Guns can repair them with our gunsmithing services.


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Hi Gord:
I just received a cheque along with the Seller Settlement Statement for the auction sale of 2 rifles and ammunition.  You have far exceeded my expectations. There is no way I could have come close to that amount if I tried to go it alone. Just as important or more important, it was the most  care free process I have ever experienced. My worries and legal obligations ended the moment you took possession of my fire arms.

I will definitely recommend your services to any one willing to listen to me. Thanks for the safe disposition of my firearms. The attached check was a huge bonus.

Take care,