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Silent Auction FirearmYou may have a very valuable piece worthy of our advanced silent auction service. To qualify, your firearm must have a value in excess of $5,000.

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Terms for the buyer for Silent Auctions

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  • We guarantee the functionality of all items.
  • Successful bidders will be charged local taxes plus a 10% buyers premium.
  • Costs of shipping if necessary.
  • We guarantee authenticity for 30 days following purchase for full refund.

Current Auction

FAMARS, or Fabbrica Armi d’Abbiatico e Salvinelli, is an Italian gunmaker that manufactures bespoke shotguns and rifles. The company is best known for its patented detachable-lock designs and handcrafted woodwork and engraving. FAMARS is considered one of the top Italian gun manufacturers.

The name FAMARS is an acronym for Fabbrica Armi di Mario Abbiatico e Remo Salvinelli (Arms Fabrications of Mario Abbiatico and Remo Salvinelli).

In 1967, Mario Abbiatico and Remo Salvinelli became part of the famous Gardone Val Trompia gun tradition when they founded FAMARS. Both the Salvinelli and the Abbiatico families had history in the craft going back several generations. Remo’s father, Felice Salvinelli, was an engraver in Brescia, where he first met Mario’s father, Giuseppe Abbiatico, who was an actioner.

Initially, the company focused on smallbore shotguns ranging in quality and decoration. American businessman Joe Bojalad, a gun connoisseur and collector influenced the two founders to specialize in the fine gun category. In 1967, Bojalad was referred to FAMARS by another Italian gun manufacturer named Beretta. His request was an over/under shotgun with interchangeable barrels, adorned with engraving art. Upon receiving his first FAMARS gun, Bojalad was so impressed that he placed several more orders and became a lifelong client of Abbiatico and Salvinelli. In 1975 Mario and Remo, considering the advice of Bojalad, made the decision to focus solely on bespoke guns. Each gun produced thereafter was a bespoke gun bearing the name ‘Abbiatico & Salvinelli’ and a unique serial number.

The move to specialize in bespoke shotguns stimulated much innovation within the FAMARS factory in the following years. Inspired by Mario’s fascination with hammerguns, the Castore was created — the first-ever self-cocking hammer gun with a single trigger and automatic ejectors.The success and popularity of the Castore model prompted several other arms manufacturers to attempt imitations. In the late 1970s, shortly after the development of the Castore, FAMARS released the Quattrocanne, an original four-barrel model that fires with a single trigger. A limited run of only 30 guns were made, one of which is showcased in the historical Beretta Gallery in Italy, making FAMARS the only outside manufacturer to be shown within the gun gallery.

The next major innovation was the development of the Jorema, a Boss-style over/under shotgun that used a pinless sidelock design patented by Remo Salvinelli. This model drew on input from FAMARS’ long-time client Joe Bojalad. It incorporated several patented features. The Jorema concept would eventually evolve into the company’s flagship model, the Sovereign.

In the early 1980s, Mario and Remo released the Tribute, a side-by-side built with a detachable boxlock. The design was inspired by the Westley Richards side-by-side. This was the final model that Mario Abbiatico designed before he fell sick with cancer in 1984. From the late 1980s into the 2000s (decade), with Cristina Abbiatico now in charge, FAMARS would release several new models, including the most popular Excalibur, the Poseidon, and most recently, the Leonardo.

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Abbiatico & Salvinelli Venere Lusso

Opening Bid: $25,000
(Bidding will continue for 4 months unless the buy it now price is paid)
Buy It Now: $30,000

Manufactured 1986. Engraved by Master Engraver Angelo Galeazzi (Diana of the Hunt) Signed 3 places.

Born in 1931 in Castegnato, Italy, Maestro Galaezzi was a leading light among contemporary Italian gun engravers and was one of the pioneers of what is commonly called the bulino technique of fine and highly detailed scenes and figures. Along with game scenes, Angelo was one of the earliest gun artists to engrave Diana and other neoclassical motifs on guns.

Abbiatico & Salvinelli 28 Bore

Opening Bid: $20,000
(Bidding will continue for 4 months unless the buy it now price is paid)
Buy It Now: $27,500

LOP 14 ½” to single trigger. Vent rib. Drop at heal 1 ¼” x 2 ½” cast off.

Sabatti engraved. Choked Cyl and Skeet. Manufactured 1986.

The Sabatti family has worked in the arms sector, passing on all the acquired experiences from one generation to the next. Nothing has been lost, and it is experience that gives Sabatti guns the quality that every shooter desires.

The company has grown a lot since the postwar period. Sabatti shotguns are continually improving and their quality is more and more responsive to the expectations of customers all over the world. Thanks to all this, Sabatti has conquered an important role in the global sporting gun industry.

Abbiatico & Salvinelli Rombo

Opening Bid: $25,000
(Bidding will continue for 4 months unless the buy it now price is paid)
Buy It Now: $32,500

410 bore. 4 27” barrels break action. Single trigger. LOP 14 ½” to trigger. Drop 1 ¼” x 2 ½” cast off.

Sabatti engraved. Manufactured 1976. Choked Cyl., Cyl., Full and Mod.

Beretta S3EL

Opening Bid: $8,500
(Bidding will continue for 4 months unless the buy it now price is paid)
Buy It Now: $10,500

12 bore 30” barrels. LOP 14 ½” to single trigger. Vent rib. Drop 1 ¼”x 2 ½” cast off. Manufactured 1974.


Abbiatico & Salvinelli Castore Hammer Gun

(Bidding will continue for 4 months unless the buy it now price is paid)

12 bore 29 ½” barrels. LOP 14 ¼” to front trigger. Top tang safety. Choked Full and Mod. Engraved by Angelo Galeazzi. Manufactured 1974.

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Past Auctions

Rare Galand 44 Russian

Charles-François Galand (1832–1900) was a French gunsmith who worked in Liege and Paris, France. He manufactured many revolvers for civilian and military use, including the Galand Revolver (also called the Galand-Sommerville or Galand-Perrin), the Tue Tue, and the tiny Le Novo.

The Velo-dog, developed from the Tue Tue and the Novo, was designed by Charles-François’ son René in 1904.The original Galand revolver was a double-action, open frame (no strap across the top of the cylinder) revolver patented in 1868. Military versions were produced in 9 mm while civilian versions were made in 12 mm.

The gun is easily recognizable due to its long extraction lever, which stretches under the gun to form the trigger guard. Pulling the lever forward separates the barrel and cylinder from the rest of the gun. At the same time the extractor plate is blocked which catches any cartridges in the cylinder, thereby extracting them.

The first model was manufactured both in Liege and in Birmingham, England by the British arms firm Braendlin and Sommerville, and is therefore sometimes referred to as the Galand-Sommerville. Sommerville shared the patent for the case extracting system with Galand. The Galand-Perrin is an identical model which uses the Perrin cartridge (7 mm, 9 mm, and most famously 12 mm).

The Galand’s double-action mechanism allowed for rapid firing but the longer trigger pull made this less accurate than single-action fire. The Galand’s self-extracting system made loading the revolver much faster than contemporary gate-loaded pistols such as the Colt Peacemaker.

First distributed in October 1868, the Galand revolver sold briskly in France, at least in part due to fears over the looming Franco-Prussian War of 1870.

Despite France’s loss to the Germans the Galand performed successfully and the Imperial Russian Navy adopted the Galand model 1870 revolver in 1871. This revolver was manufactured under contract by Nagant and Goltiakoff in Russia in 1878. The Romanian Army also adopted the Galand.

Past Auctions

Krieghoff K-32 Majestic

Krieghoff introduced the K-32 into the American clay target market during the 1960s. For two decades, the K-32 built the foundation of reliability, precise engineering and endurance Krieghoff is known for.


  • 12 Ga. 2 3/4″ chambers.
  • Removable chokes.
  • Left hand offset and palm swell.
  • Rated 9/10 Condition.
  • Tiniest handling marks and some wear on the flats.
  • Some tiny dings on the cheek piece, fore-end and right side butt-stock above the trigger.
  • Action is very tight.
  • Good chime on the barrels.
  • 32″ barrels.
  • LOP 14″.

Fun fact

A close friend who is an accomplished investment portfolio manager, gun enthusiast and researcher has discovered some interesting new facts about this fine firearm.

This is a one of a kind Krieghoff. The adornment is an after market upgrade engraving done by Paolo Barbetti. This guy REALLY knew what he was doing.

This item closed on Friday October 15th at 4pm. The highest bid at that time won this firearm.

Past Auctions

Bren Mk1

Inglis 1943 in 7.62 includes pinned magazine and bi-pod. Class 12-3 license required or pay $500 extra to have it de-watted.