Attention Seniors, Widows, Estate Executors, and Trustees

Attenion Seniors

  • What should you do with unwanted firearms in Canada?
  • Are you a senior looking to clear out some space (or free up some money), an executor or trustee dealing with an estate that includes firearms, or a widow seeking to sell a gun collection?
  • So what is the best way to get rid of guns in Canada? You can’t exactly leave them out with the trash, right? It can all feel very overwhelming!

If you have a firearm problem, GTA Guns are the professionals to solve it!

We’re the #1 trusted authority for Guns, Firearms, and Gear in the Greater Toronto Area and all across Canada!

Working with seniors, widows, estate executors, and trustees is our specialty. We’re here to help. Call us Toll Free: 1-844-482-4644

We have worked with executors and trustees all over the country to help them deal with all the complications that come with estates that include firearms. And we’ve assisted countless seniors and widows liquidate unwanted firearm collections to alleviate stress and free up much-needed space and cash.

Avoid These Firearm Traps

Gun Amnesty Programs

At first glance, a gun amnesty program might sound like the perfect solution if you want to get rid of a firearm collection. But in reality, it’s one of the worst options.

Firearms are incredibly valuable items, but the vast majority of gun amnesty programs are unpaid.

Giving firearms over to a gun amnesty program is a little like handing over loads of money without getting anything in return! Call us at GTA Guns instead and we can resolve this for you while putting cash in your pocket.

Gun Stores

You’d expect that bringing your firearms to a gun store would be one of the easiest ways to handle selling a collection.

Unfortunately, the business model for gun stores is to buy cheap from you and then sell at much higher prices to protect their own profits, not yours.

That means that you’re going to be walking away with significantly less money than your firearms are really worth. This is yet another reason to call us here at GTA Guns; we put more money in your pocket and with better customer service and less hassle.

Selling Online

There is always a risk to buying and selling anything online. Those risks are multiplied when you’re talking about selling firearms through gun forums or other unofficial channels.

When selling firearms to strangers online, you’re inviting the danger of being scammed, or worse. You could be held liable if something goes wrong.

Steer clear of these types of gun traps. Call the trusted professionals here at GTA Guns: 1-844-482-4644

How We Can Help

GTA Guns provides seniors, widows, trustees, and executors with the tools they need to liquidate firearms or put them in safe storage.

We have a proven record of bringing in 22% higher sales prices than other firearm auctions, so it’s no wonder why so many lawyers, executors, trustees, and other professionals come to us. If you want to get what your firearms are ACTUALLY worth, you won’t find better firearms professionals than here at GTA Guns.

Firearm Appraisals

For executors and trustees looking to determine the true value of an estate, or a widow who has no experience with firearms, GTA Guns offers professional firearm appraisals.

With our proprietary GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™ assessments, we analyze every aspect of a firearm, inside and out, to give you a comprehensive evaluation of its condition and market/replacement values.

You can trust us not to “lowball” the value of your firearms, as we aren’t the ones who are looking to purchase them for ourselves.

In fact, if you decide to list your firearms in one of our online auctions, it’s in our best interest for you to sell them for as high a price as possible. We will be honest, helpful, and direct with you and treat you with integrity every step of the way. Click here to learn more about our gun appraisal services.

Firearm Storage

Maybe you aren’t looking to sell your firearm collection but don’t have the space to store it anymore.

Or you could be an executor or trustee looking for a legal place to store the firearms included in an estate.

If so, GTA Guns has the perfect solution: our fully-insured Safe Storage Facility.

All firearms are stored in climate-controlled conditions, meaning that there is no risk of rust, mould, or other potential environmental damage.

We offer safe and professional long-term and short-term storage as well as automated self-storage. Click here to learn more.

Firearm Auctions

Our regularly scheduled firearm auctions are always eagerly awaited by collectors across North America and bring in the highest bidders for your sale.

We handle all of the details of the auction, including taking the photos, writing the descriptions, managing the bids, confirming the buyers’ information and paperwork, and safely and securely shipping the items.

You only need to drop your firearms off to us or arrange to have us pick them up for you. Then you just sit back and watch the top-value bids roll in! We make the process completely hassle free.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re concerned about needing to deal with unsatisfied buyers after the sale is complete, let us put your mind at ease.

At GTA Guns, we offer unparalleled guarantees for our buyers, thus completely alleviating any responsibility that you would otherwise be faced with.

If, for any reason, the buyer receives an item that doesn’t function as listed, they can send it back to us, and we will repair it for free (30-day max). We even pay all shipping costs!

If the buyer is unsatisfied with their item for any other reason, we will relist it in our next auction for them without any seller’s fees (30-day max, +$3,000 hammer price).

Taking care of buyers is OUR responsibility, not yours. If they are unsatisfied, that’s OUR problem.

After you’ve been paid the proceeds of the sale, you can walk away with peace of mind that your part of the deal is over!

We are here to help YOU!

If you’re a widow who is mourning the loss of your partner, we can step in to handle the details of the sale.

If you’re an executor or estate trustee who feels in over their head trying to determine the value of a firearm collection, our appraiser can give you the numbers you need.

If you’re a senior downsizing into a smaller living space, we can help you sell or store the most valuable pieces in your collection.

No matter what your firearm problem, GTA Guns is ready to solve it.

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