Safe Gun Storage

Safe Gun Storage for Your Hunting & Shooting Firearms in Ontario

You won’t find security like this anywhere else in Canada! 

GTA Guns offers a secure storage solution when you can’t keep your guns with you at home.

Our high-level security storage facility is the only one of its kind in Canada!

  • 4 levels of security
  • Climate-controlled 
  • Dehumidified
  • Secure and preserve your collection
  • Nothing else like it in Canada!

Whether it’s due to family circumstances or for personal reasons, we offer short-term and long-term safe and automated self-storage solutions for safely housing your guns in a high security, climate-controlled, insured facility in Newmarket, Ontario.

Are you a snowbird taking an extended vacation? Don’t feel safe having guns in the house when there are children around? No longer have space to store your guns at home because you’re downsizing or moving into a retirement home? 

Or maybe you have a valuable collection that you want to protect with extra security and climate control? Would your partner prefer you to not have guns in the house?

No matter the reason, we can help you store your guns in a safe environment.

Whatever your gun storage needs, we have an option for you. 

  • Long-Term Storage
  • Short-Term Storage
  • Automated Self-Storage

We understand your passion for your firearms. We know there can be a lot of sentimental value attached to your pieces, not to mention your investment in them. We can discuss the right storage solution based on your access needs.

For long-term and short-term storage, simply call to arrange your times for pick-up and drop-off. For further flexibility, choose automated safe storage.

Choose from:

  • A long locker (15″ wide, 16″ deep, and 72″ high with 2 top shelves)
  • A pistol locker (12″x12″x16″)
  • Long term, non-accessible storage (call ahead to arrange pick-up and drop-off)

Our insured facility is not only secure, but also great for maintaining the condition of your pieces! Our storage space is climate-controlled and dehumidified so that your gun collection can be kept in tip-top shape.

✔️  Secure storage while you take an extended vacation
✔️  Store your guns safely away from kids
✔️  Safeguard your valuable collection
✔️  Preserve your guns with climate control

How Automated Safe Storage Works

With the rising threat to firearms owners, our automated safe storage is a reliable and secure alternative to those who wish to store their firearms away from home. This option allows for easy access whenever you want to pick up your guns. No appointment required.

Customers will be provided with security protocols to pass through two electronic security devices and one mechanical security device at our secure location in Newmarket. Once approved, you may deposit or access your guns or handguns at any time convenient to you.