Terms of Service

  • The management will not be responsible for any loss or accident occurring on the premises.
  • The highest bidder shall be the purchaser and the decision of the auctioneer in relation to all matters is final.
  • All purchases shall be paid for by cash, or by such means as the auction company shall make known to the purchaser.
  • All merchandise is subject to HST.
  • All merchandise must be paid for on the date of sale.
  • A receipt must be presented before removal of the merchandise from the premises.
  • All sales are final and not subject to conditions.
  • Firearms are sold “As Is” with the exception that they fail to operate properly.
  • All merchandise must be removed on the sale date or otherwise by special arrangement with the management (ie: absentee bid).
  • All merchandise may be inspected after the auction is online up until the last Saturday prior to the Sunday auction by prior arrangement.
  • All merchandise left on the premise after being purchased is left at the purchaser’s risk and the movement of any merchandise is at the purchaser’s risk.
  • All goods advertised or displayed are subject to withdrawal prior to sale within the discretion of the Auctioneer.
  • The auctioneer may reject a bid at his discretion without explanation.


Payments and transactions are permitted in the form of cash, Visa, M/C and Debit card at the auction. There is a 15% buyer’s premium on all sales.

GUARANTEE: We have attempted to make a consistent effort in cataloging and correctly describing the property to be sold. For accuracy and transparency and at our expense, we are providing a certified and licensed gunsmith’s evaluation of the condition of the firearms listed. GUNCHECKTM. The catalog descriptions carry a limited guarantee. It is a guarantee to protect you against major discrepancies that would have a major effect upon the value of the item.

  1. We have added 2 guarantees.  (1), We guarantee that all firearms bought through us operate. If not, we will pay for the shipping and repair. (2) For items sold above $3,000, we have a satisfaction guarantee to the buyer. If they are not fully satisfied, they may return the gun to us and we will sell it at our next auction for no seller’s fee. (30 day maximum)

Under no circumstances do we guarantee against anything less than a major discrepancy that would have less than a major effect upon value. This limited guarantee covers authenticity. It also covers any major restoration or repair not described. Also we guarantee against fakes, reproductions or major fabrications. As outlined above, our guarantee is limited, however, it is almost unique in a business that operates “Caveat Emptor”. This is not a perfect system, however, and it is important to be aware of that.

Our intention is to be as fair as possible in our catalog descriptions but it is virtually impossible to adequately describe an antique or collectible item that has been used and shows signs of wear. If you are a discerning, highly particular customer, it is virtually impossible to adequately describe an antique item that has been used and shows signs of wear. Imperfections, slight damages, handling marks, etc., are commonplace with antiques and with most buyers it is understood and accepted. If, however, you are a very discerning buyer and wish to know exactly what the lot is and if imperfections, handling marks, small alterations are something that are of great concern to you, then expecting mint or near mint condition, it is advisable that you not ever submit absentee bids here or at any auction house without seeing the item in person, since your definition of condition might be far more particular than what any cataloger would have time or space to specify.

The entire purpose of our catalog description is to give our customers a general description and idea of what the lot is and we will stand behind that description regarding a major discrepancy only.

If the discrepancy is less than major, under no circumstances would any adjustment or refund be made. This means that if you are purchasing a gun and find a small undisclosed surface crack in the wood or a couple of small chips in the wood that were not disclosed, it would not qualify for a refund. If, however the stock was broken through the wrist, that would constitute a major problem and qualify for a refund. If a small in use repair were incorporated in an antique gun and overlooked in a description, it would not qualify for a refund. However, if the barrel were cut or the gun serial numbers did not match, but described as “all matching serial numbers”, obviously that would qualify as a major problem and subject to a cancellation. If the gun were described as excellent original blue and it was discovered to have been re-blued, it would qualify for a cancellation.

In regards to assessments of quality or percentage of original finish; under no circumstances would we cancel the sale for a difference in assessment. If our cataloger states that the gun retains about 70% of its original blue on the barrel and in your assessment after you receive the gun you feel it’s actually 60%, a refund would definitely not be considered. However, if our cataloger stated that there was 70% original blue and it turned out that it was re-blued, that’s a major problem and it would qualify for a refund. As stated above, this is an imperfect system; the very best thing that a client can do is to attend the auction and view the goods in person or have an agent examine the things on their behalf. In lieu of that, should you elect to leave absentee bids, we will protect you on major problems, but under no circumstances will we cancel the sale for less than a major problem.

The purpose of our guarantee is to protect our bidders from major problems that would have major effect upon the value of the firearm. It is impossible for us and it is not our intention to guarantee to satisfy everyone; it is important that one understands this before bidding absentee. Should the need arise, the auctioneer reserves the right to make verbal corrections and provide additional information from the block at the time of the sale. Absentee bids will not be executed on items that are found to be other than described in the catalog unless we were able to contact you prior to the lot being sold and advise of this discrepancy. If we are unable to reach you or if time does not permit, we will not execute your bid.

Please Note: the only thing we guarantee is what is in print in the catalog and what is announced from the block at the time of sale. Absolutely nothing discussed over the telephone or in person prior to the auction shall be construed as part of the guarantee. Since opinions can differ, particularly in the matter of condition, the auctioneer will be the sole judge in the matter of refunds. This guarantee is limited to the following time duration and limits.