Gun Appraisals

Professional Gun Appraisals and Firearms Valuations

Formal firearms evaluations for collectors, insurers, lawyers, executors and trustees

There are many reasons why someone would want an appraisal for value of firearms they own. Generally they fall into 3 categories.

  1. Legal reasons.
    1. Estate gun appraisals
    2. Divorce gun appraisals
  2. Insurance reasons.
    1. Appraisals on firearms to establish loss or risk due to fire, theft and damage.
  3. Curiosity.

The curiosity reason is by far the most common reason why gun owners want to know the market value of their firearms.

In economics 101, they teach that an item’s value is the price someone is willing to pay you for it today in an open, competitive market environment. Note the period.

Our job is to create that open competitive market environment and have bidders do battle for your valuable items on our auction platform.

In order for us to find multiple bidders for an item, we pay to have an enormous e-blast of 65,000+sent to subscribers who are interested in knowing about firearms for sale.

We are really good at finding the top value for the guns we have for sale.

For seniors, widows, estate executors and trustees who wish to divest themselves of the rifles, shotguns, pistols, ammunition and related gear they possess or are responsible, we have a viable, safer, and legal alternative to giving away your firearms for free or attempting to sell them privately. Do not give your guns away. We can sell your guns for you.

Whether you intend to sell the firearms in your possession or not, reducing your insurance-related liability and getting a clear and accurate estimation of what your collection is a worthwhile endeavor.

Gun appraisals are a necessity for widows, heirs, and executors

As of January 2016, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires all firearms be professionally appraised. For widows, heirs, and estate executors who have firearms bequeathed to them, that means the CRA requires you to have estate firearms appraised before a will may be probated. (see The Estate Administration Tax on Firearms)

Our knowledgeable and experienced team of firearms specialists conduct extensive research and analysis of all firearms, ammunition, and related gear to provide our clients with a professional and fair opinion of value.

Our firearms appraisal services for insurance and estate valuations include:

  • Formal inspections and assessments of any type or class of firearm including antiques
  • Providing clients with a comprehensive report of their firearms and related gear
  • Market value and replacement value appraisals
  • Legal and equitable options for selling the firearms in your possession
  • Secure and legal transportation and short-or long-term firearms storage services

Do you want to legally sell the firearms and ammunition in your possession and get an accurate and fair return on your investment? We are Ontario’s premier firearms appraisers and auctioneers. Contact us at your convenience to discover how we can help you.

Short and Long Term Firearms Storage

You may need to have firearms moved to an insured, licensed safe storage facility. We can provide this too. You may also access your guns when you want to use them.

Consider that if you move into a retirement home, you may have us safely store your guns until you want to access them again.