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The AX50 long range anti matériel rifle is designed to withstand constant military deployment. From Accuracy International the model was based on the DNA of the battle proven AW50 . Inheriting the ruggedness and reliability from it’s powerful predecessor, the AX50 has all the mandatory features that ensure extreme accuracy and consistent performance in the harshest conditions.


Nightforce Competition Scope

The Nightforce Competition Scope was created to give the competitive shooter every conceivable advantage with a tool of unprecedented performance. This scope supersedes its predecessors, both the Nightforce NXS and Precision Benchrest, which have already taken more long ranged world records than any other brand. You enjoy a 100-yard field of view of 6.9 feet at 15x, 1.83 feet at 55x. The exceptional resolving power of the Competition’s ED glass, combined with our lens coatings and uncompromising construction techniques perfected over 20 years, means that all of the Competition’s magnification range produces outstanding clarity…not just a portion of it, as is often the case in lesser optics. For the serious competitor, this is one serious riflescope.


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Inspired by our own shooting experiences; our M-Series combines comfort, functionality, and communication into one package. They protect your hearing on the range while allowing you to hear normal conversation. The M-4 electronic ear muffs have microphones in the front and back which give greater directional awareness. The auxiliary jack allows you to play music, equip a radio, or use your phone while still offering hearing protection.

  • 25 dB of Noise Reduction
  • 4 Directional Microphones Pick-up Useful Noise
  • Electronic Sound Compression Protects Against Noises Over 85 dB
  • Enhances Your Hearing
  • Smartphone Compatible Auxiliary Ports (3.5mm)
  • One Size Fits Most
  • MSRP $156.00 + Tax

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  • Digital protection and enhancement without the bulk
  • Hear everything you want, protected against any noise over 85dB
  • Hottest industry product in the hearing protection category right now
  • Up to 6X volume gain, volume control

MSRP $649.00


  • This unique ear enhancement/suppression system is for the serious sportsman/woman. If you are a long term shooter, you have hearing loss. You need to protect what you still have and need help in the bush hearing as well. This does the whole shebang. I was so impressed, I bought one myself ready for deer season. Take advantage of our introductory offer right now.
  • As this is tuned to your specific hearing needs, you will require a hearing test by an audiologist. (Free every 3 years)

Buy now for $599.00 + Tax