Sport Ear Muff Style Hearing Enhancer/Suppressor

Inspired by our own shooting experiences; our M-Series combines comfort, functionality, and communication into one package. They protect your hearing on the range while allowing you to hear normal conversation. The M-4 electronic ear muffs have microphones in the front and back which give greater directional awareness. The auxiliary jack allows you to play music, equip a radio, or use your phone while still offering hearing protection.

  • 25 dB of Noise Reduction
  • 4 Directional Microphones Pick-up Useful Noise
  • Electronic Sound Compression Protects Against Noises Over 85 dB
  • Enhances Your Hearing
  • Smartphone Compatible Auxiliary Ports (3.5mm)
  • One Size Fits Most
  • MSRP $156.00 + Tax

$129.95 + Tax

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