Author: Gordon Siple

Firearms are wonderful assets in the right hands. They get us into the outdoors and the shooting ranges with like minded friends. However, when we no longer use them they eventually end up in the estate and someone who is often uncomfortable with guns has to deal with them. This invites problems and unnecessary taxes. […]

Some interesting facts about guns. Much of our analogies and metaphors have their roots in gun language. Here are just a few. Lock, stock and barrel. These are the 3 components of a firearm. Going off half cocked. Up til about 150 years ago, firearms were triggered by flintlocks or percussion caps. To prepare the […]

Get it right the first time. This question can be answered in a multiple of ways and it all starts with the game you are hunting. First, DO NOT GO CHEAP. A friend of mine went to the high mountains in British Columbia to hunt sheep. When he got to altitude, his cheap scope was […]

If so, look no further. Many people moving to another locations such as a retirement residence may be prevented from keeping their guns on the premisis. This can be a big problem for those who wish to continue to use their firearms. GTA Guns and Gear Auctions Inc. are licensed and insured safe storers and […]

How can you be confident that the used gun you buy and the process you follow is safe and above board? Buying used guns is like buying a used car. You need to know what to look for to avoid getting someone else’s headache. Guns for sale can be for a host of reasons. Some […]

If so, it is a tricky business and we have taken the icky out of tricky. 3 Steps; Ensure the firearms are safely stored. If not, call us. We have safe storage facilities. Arrange for an appraisal. The CRA now demands an appraisal on firearms and an Estate Administration Tax paid prior to probate. We […]

If you have a restricted gun in your possession do not possess a restricted firearms license known as an R-PAL, you are in violation and could wind up with a criminal record.   You may be in possession of a restricted firearm that is supposed to be registered. These are usually handguns but can also be […]

Do you have restricted, non-registered firearms and you do not posses a restricted firearms licence called an R-Pal? If so, be very, very afraid. You are facing criminal charges if caught. What to do. Even a licenced R-Pal individual would be loath to possess a non-registered restricted firearm as it is a very hot potato. […]

What do we do if Dad is no longer competent with firearms? If it hasn’t happened already, it will. Estate-Gun-Management 31 May 2017 Executors now have a nasty little tax called the Estate Administration Tax to deal with before the will can be probated. Essentially, all that we own left in our estate must be appraised […]

Get peace of mind, abide by the law, and receive fair value for the guns you need to sell When mulling over the best way to divest themselves of firearms in their possessions, hunters, collectors, seniors and widows, and estate executors all face the same conundrum: how to do it legally, and receive a lucrative […]