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Our Exotic Gun Auction is

Now Open for Bidding

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GTA Guns take all of the risk and responsibility from you of finding the top bidders anywhere in the world, ensuring they are licensed, collecting their payment and shipping to them.  This saves you the worry and responsibility of making sure your guns are transferred into the right hands and getting paid. Your choice, amnesty for no money or, get paid.

We are the best choice for those who wish to have their firearms sold for maximum value because;

  1. We are closest to the lucrative Toronto buying market.
  2. We provide additional and exclusive bidder confidence features such as;
    • Fiber-optic bore pictures
    • 2 week pre-auction viewing period
    • Functionality guarantees
  3.  Six Business day payment schedule

While the earlier we get your guns the more we can advertise them, we need them not later than 3 weeks prior.

Introducing Silent Auction

You may have a very valuable piece worthy of our advanced auction service. To qualify, your firearm must have a value in excess of $5,000.

We will post your item on our Silent Auction page for 60 days, send out an e-blast to more than 65,000 interested gun enthusiasts enticing them to place a bid. We manage the entire process. You and I will decide on a minimum value for the item to be sold.

In this way, you are guaranteed a minimum price or it will not be sold.