Gunsmithing Services

Have you considered upgrading your favourite firearms?

If so, we can help.

David Battiston is a master gunsmith with decades of experience.

Having apprenticed at Giovanni’s Gunshop for 5 years, he is an expert at diagnosing, repairing and upgrading all classes of firearms and you can access him through us.

Long before I started GTA Guns and Gear Auctions Inc., I used David myself in maintaining my own personal guns. Now, you too can have the confidence that your favourite pieces will perform and look the way you want.

Any work performed by David comes with our satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will make it right at no extra charge.


Please Note: Prices do not include taxes or shipping.

Have you considered a muzzle break? It’s great for recoil suppression.

Want to spruce up that plain, old bolt? How bout having it jeweled?

Some firearms especially military and model 70s have bolts that are a tad unwieldy. Mausers especially have straight bolt handles making them difficult to accommodate scopes. Have them contoured to your specifications.


Most stock guns come from the factory with exceedingly heavy trigger pulls. Lightening the pull improves accuracy.

Bluing – Breathe new life into that grand old gun.

Cleaning and Test Fire – A clean action and barrel will extend the life and accuracy of your gun.

Recoil Pads



Is there a gun you have that needs a little TLC?

Call us today! We will make the process seamless and get the job done right.