Gun Storage in the Greater Toronto Area

Have you heard the big news about GTA Guns safe storage? That’s right, we at GTA Guns have some great news for those who choose to store their firearms with us at our fully insured and fully secure location in the Greater Toronto Area. Before we get to that, however, you might be wondering why […]

Have you ever had an uncomfortable conversation with your parents? Now, we’re not talking about the birds and the bees conversation you had when you were a preteen! We mean a conversation that many people need to have with their aging parents about their safety as they grow older. For example, you may need to […]

The Best Way to Buy Guns in Canada

You want to buy a gun, but where do you go? The first place you likely thought of was probably the gun store. But are gun stores really the best place to buy your firearms? Firearm stores are likely going to have a limited selection of items that appeals to the vast majority of customers. […]

How Should You Store Your Guns

Where do you store your guns in your home? Gun storage can be a touchy topic. It’s surprising how many folks simply stored their firearms under the bed only a few decades ago. Not exactly the most secure location! Fortunately, opinions on gun safety have evolved since then. Today, the vast majority of firearm owners […]

Things to Consider Before Selling a Gun in Canada

Are you thinking about selling any of your firearms to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer? There are several reasons you might want to sell a firearm, or possibly multiple firearms if you have a collection. You could be downsizing to a smaller space and won’t have room for your firearms anymore. Maybe you […]

Considerations Before Buying a Gun in Canada

Do you feel like we sort of “missed” spring last year? Back in March 2020, there were so many changes to our lives due to the pandemic that it was difficult to keep up. There was so much on our minds that we entirely missed that “spring feeling” in the air. While the spring of […]

Do you have questions about being a seller with GTA Guns? We’ve got answers! How many firearms can I list in an auction? Well, how many do you have? At GTA Guns, we pride ourselves on helping our clients handle selling everything from single items to entire firearm collections. Simply get in contact with us […]

How to Get a Firearms License in Canada

Do you know how to register for a firearms license in Canada? At GTA Guns, we aren’t just here for long-standing firearm owners and passionate collectors. We’re also here for those who are just getting into firearms and have questions about getting a license in their home province. While the process of obtaining a gun […]

The 2021 Guide to Buying a Gun in Canada

Looking to purchase a firearm in 2021? It might be trickier than you think! Things look like they could be finally on an upswing this year. Though the pandemic is still a genuine concern, multiple vaccines are on the way to help prevent COVID-19. But even with this, the world is still not even close […]

Canadian Gun Facts & Statistics 2021

How much do you know about the popularity of firearms in Canada? While the United States of America tends to celebrate its gun culture, things are a little bit more muted here up north. But that in no way means that firearms aren’t massively popular here in Canada! Though our gun owners might be quieter […]