What Makes A Gun Valuable?

Have you ever wondered what exactly it is that makes a gun valuable?

When it comes to selling your guns, you always want to receive top dollar. But, when getting your guns appraised, you may be surprised—either positively or negatively—at the value that the appraiser provides you. So what factors influence that number?

Well, we at GTA Guns are here to shed some light on how an appraiser determines the value of your guns by answering the question, “What makes a gun valuable?” This will help you understand precisely what we look for when appraising your firearms.

Make and Model

The first thing that any appraiser will look at is the make and model of your gun. 

Shotguns, pistols, and handguns are all examples of firearm models. Some models are more valuable than others. For instance, Colt Single Action Army revolvers are likely to be more valuable than rifles because they are no longer manufactured. 

The make of your gun can significantly impact its value. If a gun is manufactured poorly or is known to have some defects, it can decrease the value of your gun. 


A gun’s condition is one of the most influential factors in its value. The better the gun’s condition, the more valuable it is. No one wants to pay a lot of money for a gun that is worn and not well maintained. 

Sellers will receive more money for their guns when they are in good or nearly-new condition. Be sure to maintain your guns well if you think that you might want to sell them in the future! Otherwise, you might not receive their full potential dollar value.

Our GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™ services will help determine the condition of your guns before you sell them through our online auctions. CYCLECHECK™ is a performance and quality assessment to ensure that all semi-automatic firearms we resell can fire. GUNCHECK™ provides fiber-optic bore pictures to determine the condition of the bore on used firearms. These services will help determine the condition of your gun, allowing you to get a better idea of its value before you sell it.


One factor that influences the value of your firearm is its rarity. Just like other objects, a gun becomes rare when there aren’t many of its kind, and basic economics tells us that value will increase with shortages. 

Put pretty simply, your gun will be more valuable if it is rare. This means you’ll earn more from a rare gun when selling it!

Historical Significance

Since firearms were first invented in 1364, they have played a pivotal role in history. Guns have been used in battles and wars and have been wielded by key historical figures. Without firearms, history would have doubtlessly unfolded a lot differently!  

Firearms with historical significance can be highly valuable because of their part in history. 

For instance, the musket that fired the first shot at the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill sold for nearly half a million dollars in 2019 due to its historical significance! Similarly, famous historical figures’ firearms can also be extremely valuable.

If you know or believe that your firearm has historical significance, we suggest getting it appraised to determine its value.

Design and Uniqueness

Finally, the design and uniqueness of your gun can influence its value. 

If you have had your gun specially designed or engraved by a gunsmith, you can expect the value of your gun to increase because it is one-of-a-kind.

In contrast, a mass-manufactured gun will be less valuable because it is like many other guns on the market.

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