U.S. Buyers

Attention American Buyers

U.S. BuyersU.S. buyers cannot receive prohibited firearms from Canada. Further, U.S. buyers of restricted and long guns will need to set up an account at Borderview for restricted firearms and long guns. Follow this link : http://www.borderview.com/services/for-individuals/usa-firearm-import-service/

GTA Guns is located in CANADA and we can sell firearms other than PROHIBITED and altered military guns to U.S. buyers using Borderview International Firearm Logistics. Pricing and process information can be found at the following link: http://www.borderview.com/services/for-individuals/usa-firearm-import-service/

You, the buyer, are responsible to ensure you can take delivery of the items you buy from us.

Auction costs:

  • Standard 15% buyer’s premium + 4% online
  • Direct shipping costs (Canada Post or Canpar)
  • Packaging and handling
  • Insurance