What plans have you made for the end of your life? Have you considered what will happen to your firearms after you pass? We know, talking about death is a heavy question. If you’re younger, the very idea of writing your Will might seem foreign. But believe us, it’s something that your parents worry about […]

Could there be a better way to start the new year than with some extra cash in the bank? This would be especially fantastic since 2020 was hard for most people financially due to the pandemic, subsequent shutdowns, and economic downturn. Fortunately, GTA Guns has the perfect solution: you can sell your unused firearms completely […]

Do you own unwanted or unused guns? Whether you’re a widow who has been left with your spouse’s guns, an executor who is suddenly responsible for an estate that includes firearms, or a senior gun owner who doesn’t want to leave their loved ones with a gun problem, at GTA Guns, we’re here to help. […]

How much do you really know about guns? At GTA Guns, we work with folks with various levels of firearms knowledge. For example, while a collector who might spend thousands of dollars purchasing a firearm in an auction might have an encyclopedic knowledge of firearms, an executor who is handling a Will might not know […]

Are you thinking of selling your guns? If you live in Canada, there are several options for selling your guns, but not all of them are good choices! The first thing that most likely comes to mind is selling your firearms to a gun store, but this isn’t a great idea. Why? Because gun stores […]

So, you’ve decided to auction your firearms… but now what? If you’ve been following us for a while, then you know how many risks there are to buying and selling firearms online. If you head to a gun store, you might end up walking away with less than the firearm is worth. Sell them through […]

Do you ever browse the classified ads for fun, just to see what’s available? Logging onto Kijiji, eBay, or opening up your local newspaper is a great way to find deals. Even if you aren’t looking for a specific item, you might see something that could be of use. A $500 kitchen island for $100? […]

Lawyers, do you have a client who has a gun problem? At GTA Guns, we help lawyers all across the country solve their clients’ gun problems. We provide expertise in firearms and can help solve several gun issues, including: Owning an unregistered firearm Not having a firearm license Storing guns Executing a Will that includes […]

Have you ever found a hidden treasure in your home? You always hear stories about people going through their grandparents’ things in the basement, only to find something of value, e.g. a mint-condition copy of a vintage comic book. The reality is that you rarely have an idea of how much the “junk” is actually […]

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas will be here before we know it! Buying gifts, cards, wrapping paper, and more will be a little different this year, given physical distancing restrictions, which means most of your Christmas prep will likely be online. Break out those credit cards! But what if you could also use the […]