How do you know who to trust when you buy things online?

Part of the problem with online commerce through auction and classified sites is that trust is in short supply. Whenever you’re bidding on an item, you usually only have amateur photos to go on. The seller includes a description, but who knows if it accurately describes the item’s condition? You have the seller’s rating to gauge their trustworthiness, but that’s about it.

And it can be even worse on classified sites! There aren’t seller ratings; it’s “buyer beware” with every sale. With sales made on these sites, you usually meet with the seller in person and hope that the item works when you bring it home. If it doesn’t, you’re probably out of luck.

When GTA Guns started out, we knew that we needed to address these issues directly. Our buyers should trust everything sold through our auctions with no worries that they would end up with a broken or misrepresented item. That’s when we came up with the idea of a verification system. With a team of firearm experts, we knew that we could give our buyers peace of mind by personally inspecting and assessing every item we sell.

….And so was born GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™!


When you purchase a firearm, you must know its condition. The last thing you want is a firearm to misfire when you are hunting, for example. Or, if you’re a passionate gun collector, you need your guns to be in top condition to build the value of your collection. With GUNCHECK™, you can rest assured that your purchased firearms will be in the exact shape you expect when you buy them.

Basically, GUNCHECK™ is a “look under the hood.” Our licensed gunsmith does a detailed inspection of every firearm we sell, taking high-resolution photos so potential buyers can see precisely what they’re bidding on. We also take fiber-optic bore pictures to check the condition of the bore on every firearm. Every image is posted on the auction page, providing buyers with a complete picture of the state of each gun.


When it comes to semi-automatic weapons, CYCLECHECK™ goes even further.

When purchasing a semi-automatic, you need to know that the firing cycle isn’t faulty. To ensure this, we take every semi-automatic in our auctions to a shooting range and personally test them. We take high-resolution videos of each test so buyers can see for themselves that the guns are in perfect working order.

So, not only will you have confirmation about the firearm’s physical condition, but you’ll know that they also operate perfectly!

What’s the Cost?

That’s the best part! There isn’t any!

GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™ are entirely complementary services for both buyers and sellers. We consider it our duty to ensure the condition of everything we sell in our auctions.

The remarkable thing about GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™ is that GTA Guns is the only firearm auctioning company that provides these services. In fact, we are so confident in these services that we offer unparalleled guarantees to our buyers:

  • If you receive a firearm and it’s not functional or cosmetically damaged in any way, you can send it back to us—we pay the shipping both ways—and we’ll repair it for free (30-day max).
  • If you receive a firearm and it’s not what you expected based on the images and description, you can send it back to us, and we’ll relist it in our next auction for no seller’s fees (30-day max, +$3,000 hammer price).

We work hard to set our gun auctions apart from other online auctions or classified sites. Our proprietary GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™ services are just two of the ways we put our buyers and sellers first!

If you want to learn more about our auctions or any other services, please feel free to contact us today!