Up Your Firearm Storage Game with Off-Site Storage

What are the most secure items in your home?

If you’re a firearm collector, your answer should be your guns. Not only is a firearm collection precious, but it’s also potentially dangerous. If you have children in the house, having easy access to firearms can lead to tragedy. And what if there was a break-in and a criminal discovered multiple guns in your home? By not securing your firearms properly, you could be partially liable for any crimes your stolen guns are involved in.

Then there is simply the fact that purchasing firearms is expensive; if you have a large amount of money tied up in your guns, you want to secure that investment. And we aren’t only talking about theft here! So, what are your options for storage?

Bad Firearm Storage Habits

Ideally, all of your firearms should be kept in a temperature and humidity-controlled safe or lockbox. You should always store your ammo in a separate location. And the gun safe should never be kept in a place where the guns could be exposed to the elements.

Some keep their firearms in their basement. Even if they keep the basement clean and safe from humidity, there’s still the potential for flooding. Even if your gun safe is supposedly air-tight, there’s a good chance that it isn’t water-tight. And what about fire? Though many gun safes have some level of fireproofing, that isn’t going to stand up to a significant blaze.

But these are the worst-case scenarios. All it takes for your guns to become damaged is keeping them in less than ideal conditions. Imagine you simply keep your guns in a cheap gun safe in the basement. Without temperature and humidity control, your guns could become victims of rust and mould. You would not believe the number of beautiful firearms we have seen over the years that have been damaged almost beyond repair due to rusting.

The Problem with High-Quality At-Home Storage

Here’s the problem regarding firearm storage in your home: it’s challenging and expensive.

First, you need to purchase an excellent-quality firearm safe—and these aren’t cheap. Safes are also usually extremely heavy, which means that wherever you place them is likely where they’ll stay until you move. And even then, they can be extremely difficult to transport to a new home. On top of all that, a safe usually takes up a ton of space, which is less than ideal if you live in a smaller residence.

Depending on the size of your firearm collection, you might need multiple safes, which only compounds the frustration. Now, the safes are taking up double or even triple the space! Unless you live in a very large home, that might not be a viable storage solution.

The Better Solution: GTA Guns Safe Storage

In our opinion, off-site storage is the best solution for finding a place to put your firearms. And GTA Guns Safe Storage is the only facility of its kind in Canada!

When we started our GTA Guns firearm auctions, we realized that we’d need a place to store the items before the auction. Because we were responsible for the items’ quality and safekeeping, we knew we needed a storage solution that would maintain a constant and optimal level of temperature and humidity. However, it wasn’t until later that we realized many people could benefit from this type of storage solution for their own guns.

Not only can storing your guns with us be cheaper than purchasing several firearm safes, but we can also guarantee that your firearms will be kept in a better environment. Not only do we store your guns in a fully climate-controlled facility, but the space is constantly dehumidified, eliminating the chances of rust or other environmental damage.

Our safe storage facility is also fully insured, meaning that if the unthinkable were ever to happen and your firearms were damaged, they would be covered. And if you’re worried about security, we have everything covered there too! We have four separate layers of security, including electronic and mechanical security devices.

Safe Storage Options at GTA Guns

When it comes to storage for your firearms, you have a few options at GTA Guns. First, you might simply want to store firearms in the short term. For example, you might be going on vacation and want to make sure that your guns are kept safe while you’re away. That’s no problem at all—just give us a call to drop off your guns!

If you have an extensive collection that you want to keep safe long-term, we can also help you here. With both long-term and short-term storage options, all you need to do is call and arrange times for pick-up and drop-off.

If you prefer more flexibility when it comes to firearm storage, we also offer automated safe storage. With this option, you can come and go with your firearms as you please. We’ll provide you with security protocols that allow you access to your firearms whenever you want.

Storage is one of the biggest challenges for firearm collectors. Maybe you’re worried about keeping your guns in perfect condition in your home. Or you might be concerned about storing guns in the same house as children. Whatever your concern, GTA Guns Safe Storage offers the perfect solution!

If you want to learn more about our Safe Storage facility, our online firearm auctions, or any other services, please feel free to contact us today!