firearm storage

What are the most secure items in your home? If you’re a firearm collector, your answer should be your guns. Not only is a firearm collection precious, but it’s also potentially dangerous. If you have children in the house, having easy access to firearms can lead to tragedy. And what if there was a break-in […]

Gun Problems: Resolved!

Does dealing with your gun collection ever give you a headache? As much as we love firearms here at GTA Guns, we fully admit that sometimes problems can arise. Maybe you’ve run out of room for your collection or have inherited a gun that you didn’t want. Or it could be as simple as an […]

Attention Lawyers: Solve Your Clients' Gun and Firearms Issues

Lawyers: Do you have a client with a gun problem? If you have a client with a gun problem of any kind, we’re here to help. Your client’s firearm issue could include: Owning an unregistered firearm Not having a firearm license Storing their guns in an unsafe manner Executing a Will that includes firearms Or […]