Are You An Executor Selling Guns?

If so, it is a tricky business and we have taken the icky out of tricky.

3 Steps;

  1. Ensure the firearms are safely stored. If not, call us. We have safe storage facilities.
  2. Arrange for an appraisal. The CRA now demands an appraisal on firearms and an Estate Administration Tax paid prior to probate. We can perform such appraisals.
  3. The will may direct the guns to be distributed or, sold.

If the selling option is taken, again there are 3 options;

  1. Sell them to a used gun dealer. They will low ball you and fight you for every dollar increase.
  2. Sell them privately. Again, expect strangers to low ball you and again with the price fighting.
  3. Have them sold at auction and the highest price will be sought for you and all the paperwork is done. Us again.

The auction method relieves you of having to prove to the heirs that you sought out the highest price(s).