GTA Guns Online Auctions

Selling items online can be surprisingly hard work. While many firearm stores would be thrilled to purchase your firearm collection, you likely aren’t going to come out ahead in such a sale. For any store to make a profit, they need to sell items at a higher price than they buy them. When a firearm […]

At a time when a lot of people are looking to make some extra cash, where on Earth are you supposed to sell your guns during a pandemic?! Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted almost a year, and we’re back in the middle of a lockdown, our lives feel more disrupted than ever. Businesses […]

If you’re wondering about how you can sell your guns in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. Consider this: what’s the difference between being a gun owner in the U.S. versus being a gun owner in Canada? The appeal of firearms is universal and extends across borders. In Canada, we have a rich and […]

Are you thinking of selling your guns? If you live in Canada, there are several options for selling your guns, but not all of them are good choices! The first thing that most likely comes to mind is selling your firearms to a gun store, but this isn’t a great idea. Why? Because gun stores […]

Online scams are EVERYWHERE. From the classic Nigerian Prince email scam to more professional-looking phishing attempts, the internet can be a sketchy place, and it gets worse if you’re thinking about buying or selling anything online. For instance, imagine someone buys a high-priced item from you on eBay, only for them to claim it never […]

Looking for the Best Gun Auction Site in Canada? How We Do What We Do Better Than The Other Guys

What makes GTA Guns different from anyone else in Canada? Whenever someone goes to a new business, they are always wondering the same thing, “What makes your company different from the others?” For some businesses, their products set them apart. For others, it’s the customer service. So, what makes us different? How do we fetch […]

Fast Money: How to Sell Your Guns

Are you currently a little worried about your finances? Because of physical distancing in the era of COVID-19, many non-essential businesses needed to close their doors. This has left many Canadians furloughed, or out of work entirely. Yes, there have been wage subsidy programs put into place by the federal government, but for many, this […]

Online Gun Auctions: 100% Virtual

Have you been doing a lot of online shopping lately? Due to COVID-19, brick-and-mortar stores have been forced to close in compliance with physical distancing measures. Thankfully, GTA Guns moved to a fully-online model of auctioning a few years ago. Before that, we held hybrid firearm auctions, with both in-person and virtual components. If we […]

Why You Should Never Buy Guns Through a Classified Ad

Where did you purchase your last firearm? When you ask serious gun collectors where they got their most valuable pieces, their answers can vary. Some may have purchased them at gun stores. Others might have won them on an auction site like GTA Guns auctions. But do you know where serious collectors seldom look for […]

How Does a Gun Auction Work?

What do you picture when you think of an auction? Perhaps you picture someone standing at a podium, speaking at a rapid-fire pace: “One dollar bid, do I hear two, do I hear two, that’s two, do I hear three, three, three, no three, going once, going twice, sold for three dollars!” Or you might […]