Avoid Online Scams by Using GTA Guns Auctions

Online scams are EVERYWHERE.

From the classic Nigerian Prince email scam to more professional-looking phishing attempts, the internet can be a sketchy place, and it gets worse if you’re thinking about buying or selling anything online. For instance, imagine someone buys a high-priced item from you on eBay, only for them to claim it never arrived. In this scam, they get a full refund AND the item, and you’re left with nothing.

When the item you’re selling is both high-value and potentially dangerous—like a firearm—the stakes get even higher. Being pulled into an online scam might not only cost you your money and your firearm, but it might put you in legal jeopardy as well.

Online Forums

Trading and selling on online gun forums have been going on for decades. Unlike dedicated e-commerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, or Kijiji (which don’t allow firearm sales), selling an item on a forum guarantees that you’ll be getting all of the profits. The bad news? You’re also taking on all of the risks.

In the case of firearm sales, that risk can be considerable. Imagine that you want to sell some firearms online. You post some photos and descriptions of the firearms on a firearm forum, and someone contacts you with interest. They’re in your local area and want to meet to buy your firearms.

First, you have absolutely no idea of this person’s identity. They could be using a fake name, have fake credentials, and a fake firearm license. If they committed a crime with your former firearms, you might be partially held legally liable. Also, not that we want to generalize, but meeting a stranger at a random place to sell them guns sounds like a spectacularly bad idea. Who knows what their motives are?

So It’s Unsafe to Sell Online?

Not necessarily.

The danger in the above scenario is that you’re handling every aspect of the sale. Chances are that you’re not a professional when it comes to selling firearms. What you need is a trusted platform and a proven facilitator to help you sell your guns for the highest possible price in the safest way possible. In other words, you need GTA Guns Auctions!

How We Handle Online Gun Sales

How do we help you avoid being scammed? Well, first off, we’re the ones taking care of all aspects of the sale. You simply transport your firearms to us, and your part is done! You’ll have no contact with the buyer, so there’s no danger of being scammed.

Once your firearms are in our possession, we’ll examine them to determine their exact condition. We do this through our proprietary GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™ systems. We then take high-quality photos of your firearms, both inside and out, to post on the firearms’ listing pages.

As a trusted name in firearm sales across North America, GTA Guns attracts a wide pool of confirmed buyers who are willing to spend what’s needed to land the items they want. This leads to higher sale prices for most items, especially if a bidding war starts!

Once a sale is finalized, we send the proceeds to your bank account… and that’s it on your end. Money in the bank! We handle the rest.

We’ll ship the firearm to the winner of the auction, safely and securely. If there are any problems with it (shipping damages, for example), they can ship it back to us—we pay—and we’ll repair it for free (30-day max). If the buyer simply doesn’t like their purchase, they can ship the purchase back to us, and we’ll re-list it with no sellers’ fee (30-day max, hammer price $3,000+). There’s no liability for you. Just think, if you were to try to sell your firearm collection yourself, you’d have ALL of the liability!

With unparalleled guarantees, no liability for you, a huge pool of prospective buyers, and potentially higher profits, you can see why GTA Guns is always the superior option when it comes to selling your firearms online. We’re one of the most trusted gun auction sites in North America, and we’ve worked hard for that reputation. Let us prove it to you!

If you want to eliminate all of the hassle and risk of selling your firearms, please feel free to contact us today. We can’t wait to answer all of your questions about GTA Guns auctions and our other services!