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When you were a kid, did you collect comic books? Or how about hockey cards? Maybe action figures? Do you fondly remember those days when you were looking for a missing part of your collection, celebrating when you finally found it? There was nothing like it! When you become an adult, collections usually shift over […]

5 Reasons to Sell Your Firearm Collection

Have you ever thought about selling your firearms? At GTA Guns, when we ask our sellers why they are putting their guns up for sale in our online auctions, we get all kinds of different answers. Sometimes, our sellers might be looking to pocket some extra money. Others could be ready to leave their gun […]

How to Maintain the Value of Your Firearm Collection

Do you know how much your firearm collection is worth? There are many reasons why people collect firearms. They could be big hunting fans and want a variety of rifles to choose from when heading out into nature. Or maybe they find firearms to be beautiful items. Or perhaps they simply enjoy collecting and have […]

How to Earn the Most from Your Firearm Collection

Are you looking to put a little extra money in your pocket this upcoming holiday season? With the end of the year in sight, many folks are starting to think about buying presents. Nothing is better than finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, but that can sometimes get a bit pricey. If you’re […]

What Gun Owners in Newmarket Should Know

Do you store your firearms in your Newmarket home? It might be time to make a change! Newmarket, Ontario is a pretty great place to live. Not only do we have a low crime rate, exceptional healthcare, affordable homes, and beautiful scenery, but we also have a fantastic shopping centre in the Upper Canada Mall! […]

What To Do With Your Deceased Husband's Guns

What do you do with a firearm collection built by your partner that you don’t want? It’s important to remember that there are two people in a marriage, and their interests might not always line up. One could be really into travel, while the other might be a homebody. One loves cats, the other loves […]

Have you ever found a hidden treasure in your home? You always hear stories about people going through their grandparents’ things in the basement, only to find something of value, e.g. a mint-condition copy of a vintage comic book. The reality is that you rarely have an idea of how much the “junk” is actually […]

Gun Problems: Resolved!

Does dealing with your gun collection ever give you a headache? As much as we love firearms here at GTA Guns, we fully admit that sometimes problems can arise. Maybe you’ve run out of room for your collection or have inherited a gun that you didn’t want. Or it could be as simple as an […]

I Have to Execute a Will That Includes Firearms. So, Now What?

Have you ever been the executor of an estate that contained multiple firearms? As the executor of a will, there’s an incredible weight on your shoulders. You must execute the post-mortem wishes of your client while also working with those still processing a loved one’s death. In many cases, everything is simple. There’s a will […]

Back to Basics: What Guns Do You Really Need In Your Collection

How many guns is too many guns? At GTA Guns, we talk to collectors daily about their firearm collections. Some collectors prefer their collections to boast literally hundreds of firearms (often stored in GTA Guns safe storage), while others keep smaller collections consisting of only two or three particularly special guns. Either method is an […]