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Gun Problems: Resolved!

Does dealing with your gun collection ever give you a headache? As much as we love firearms here at GTA Guns, we fully admit that sometimes problems can arise. Maybe you’ve run out of room for your collection or have inherited a gun that you didn’t want. Or it could be as simple as an […]

Back to Basics: What Guns Do You Really Need In Your Collection

How many guns is too many guns? At GTA Guns, we talk to collectors daily about their firearm collections. Some collectors prefer their collections to boast literally hundreds of firearms (often stored in GTA Guns safe storage), while others keep smaller collections consisting of only two or three particularly special guns. Either method is an […]

Money Saving Tips for Gun Collectors

How much money do you spend every year on your firearm collection? There’s a perception out there that gun collecting is a rather expensive hobby. And… yes, there might be some truth to that, especially if you’re on the hunt for rare and valuable pieces. But buying firearms doesn’t have to break the bank, especially […]

How to Build a Gun Collection in Canada

Did you ever collect comic books as a kid? How about hockey cards? If you got bitten by the collecting bug when you were small, chances are that you’ve continued collecting up until today. Your interests may have changed a bit, however. Comic books could have given way to stamps. Hockey cards are neat, but […]

How Many Guns Do You *Really* Need in your Collection?

Have you ever watched a hoarders reality TV show? These shows are usually an odd mix of pure entertainment and cautionary tales. They star ordinary people who have houses, lives, families… and way, way too much stuff. Their homes are completely overstuffed with random items—both things of value and things that are literal garbage. In […]

Famous Celebrities Who Are Also Huge Gun Collectors

Celebrities: they’re just like us! Ok, so we might not all have vacation homes in Aspen, a reserved table at the Ivy in Los Angeles, or a $5 million dollar movie contract, but there’s certainly one thing many of us have in common with famous celebrities – the love of a good firearm! So, who […]

How GTA Guns Can Help Elderly Firearm Lovers Downsize Their Collection

Downsizing can be an excellent way for the elderly to enjoy more free time. If you’re like us, then hunting and shooting is probably high up on your list of favourite activities. Maybe you’ve spent years building an amazing firearm collection? If so, you know how rewarding owning a gun collection can be! But you […]

Examining your Gun Collection: What to Keep and What to Sell

Are you an infantry battalion or a serious gun collector? If not, it might be time to examine your gun collection and cull the herd. Owning a gun collection is great! However, it can be a costly endeavour. You must keep your firearms insured and stored in a safe, secure, and legal way. That isn’t […]

How to Keep Your Guns in Tip Top Shape

How do you protect your gun collection? You know, collectors can go to great lengths to protect their collections from harm. For example, those who collect hockey cards make sure they’re safely in plastic sheets to protect them from moisture and physical harm. Those who collect toys often keep them in their original packaging, both […]

If you’re the executor of an estate that includes firearms, this important article is for you! As the executor of an estate in Toronto or in the GTA, there’s always the chance that you will discover assets that will be challenging to deal with. Figuring out what to do with firearms, for example, can be […]