How to Build a Gun Collection in Canada

How to Build a Gun Collection in Canada

Did you ever collect comic books as a kid? How about hockey cards?

If you got bitten by the collecting bug when you were small, chances are that you’ve continued collecting up until today. Your interests may have changed a bit, however. Comic books could have given way to stamps. Hockey cards are neat, but coins are more valuable. And, of course, there are always firearms!

Building a gun collection is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can indulge in. Not only is it fun, but you are actually accumulating pieces that will grow in value over time. That is, IF you take good care of them and store them in proper conditions.

Some people believe that it’s only possible to build a respectable gun collection if you live in the United States, but that’s not the case at all. You can absolutely build a fantastic firearm collection right here in Canada! You only need to know where to look for affordable and quality pieces.

How About Gun Stores?

As any real collector knows, going to a specialty store to grow your collection is likely going to result in you being ripped off.

The folks who run these types of stores are understandably looking to make a profit, and specialty gun stores are no exception to this. While you might see several interesting pieces, they’re likely going to be marked up to a very high degree.

It’s the same problem if you try to sell your firearm to a gun store. They’ll likely try to get the lowest price they can from you so they can put your former firearm up on their shelves the next day at a considerable markup. While you might find a great deal for a firearm at your local gun store, we would advise that you look elsewhere if you want to build up your collection.

So, where else can you look? How about on your computer screen?

What About the Internet?

The internet, of course, is the repository for just about anything you’ve ever wanted to look for. If you’re a coin collector, you’re likely going to want to hit up eBay. But if you collect firearms, you’re going to have to look at some more specialized sources.

Websites like Kijiji have rules against listing firearms, so those are out as potential sources. Searching firearms forums is a possibility, but the chances that you might get scammed are through the roof. Remember, there are no guarantees for a private sale. What if you are being sold a stolen firearm? That means, even if your paperwork is in order, theirs won’t be. If it was used in a crime, you’re likely going to be a focus of interest.

…of course, that’s assuming that you’ll receive the firearm at all. There are countless scammers on these sites that use highly-sophisticated techniques to try and steal your money without giving you what you paid for. You might be confronted by those who want a “deposit” first. Or you could be dealing with fakes. The seller might lie about the condition of the firearm, as it will look okay on the outside, but inside it will be a nightmare of rust. There are any number of bad situations you can open yourself up to when you make a transaction through one of these sites.

So, you can’t trust “the internet” if you want to build your collection, right? Well, there is one solution that can provide you with all of the protections that you want, and also give you access to an incredible selection of quality firearms: GTA Guns Auctions.

GTA Guns Auctions

GTA Guns Auctions combines all of the best aspects of gun stores and the internet. You’re dealing with professionals who know how to handle guns while also getting access to a huge market of confirmed and trusted sellers without the possibility of being scammed.

Getting started building your collection with GTA Guns auctions is easy. First, you log onto the GTA Guns auction website. There, you can see all of the items that we have for sale this month. These can range from firearms, gun accessories, or other products that we feel our audience might be interested in.

Every item that you see on our auction site has been personally inspected by us using our proprietary GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™ systems. We take high-quality images of every firearm, both inside and out, so you can see the exemplary condition of each piece. Any wear and tear is listed in the item description, so you’ll know precisely what you are purchasing.

Now comes the fun part—bidding! This is an auction after all, which means that you’ll need to have a strategy in place to get the firearm you want for the lowest price possible. Getting into a bidding war can drive up the price rapidly (excellent if you’re one of the sellers, not so much if you’re a buyer). The tricky thing is, you’re likely not going to win every item you bid on. That’s why you should take a look around the site to find several firearms that you’re interested in. You might just land yourself a remarkable deal!

What Happens After You Win?

This part is easy. You transfer the money to us, and we transport the firearm to you. We take care of all the paperwork.

But what if your firearm fails to function properly? (though, it’s VERY unlikely that this will happen). With all other auction companies it is “as is”. In other words, “too bad, so sad”. Not with GTA Guns and Gear Auctions. If this happens, send the item back to us within 30 days. We’ll repair it for you and even refund your shipping costs. And if you decide the firearm isn’t for you? Again, send it back to us within 30 days, and we’ll happily put it back up for auction for you with no sales charge (for items priced over $3,000).

You’re not going to find these guarantees anywhere else. They are two of the reasons why buyers and sellers across North America trust GTA Guns!

If you’d like to learn more about GTA Guns auctions, or any of our other services, please feel free to contact us! We’ll make sure that you’re fully prepared to be successful in bidding and winning the perfect piece for your firearm collection!