Choose Safe Storage for Your Firearms

Choose Safe Storage for Your Firearms

Where do you keep your most valuable belongings?

A lot of people out there might respond, “A safety deposit box at the bank.” Or they might even have a small safe in their home for their jewelry, coin collection, etc. But what if you have a firearms collection?

Depending on the size and rarity of the items in your collection, your firearms might be your most valuable belongings. Many collectors accumulate dozens (sometimes hundreds) of firearms of various types and eras. It’s an incredibly enjoyable (and potentially lucrative) hobby.

But here’s the scary thing: Many people don’t actually keep their guns safe. I’m not just talking about safe from theft (although that is very important), but also safe from potentially-damaging emergencies like floods or fire. In fact, some collectors don’t even protect their most valuable pieces from one of the most insidious dangers that could befall a firearm—moisture.

So, what kind of safe storage should you be using for your firearm collection?

Gun Safes?

Well, here is the thing about gun safes…

First off, they are usually huge. They have to be! After all, most firearms aren’t small. A regular-sized safe couldn’t even fit a single rifle, let alone an entire collection. So if you want to keep your firearms in safes in your home, you’re either going to need to buy an enormous safe OR a whole bunch of huge ones. That can get jaw-droppingly expensive. Eventually, it can feel like you have a safe collection rather than a firearm collection.

Even worse, most huge safes don’t offer you the kind of protection that you need. Sure, your safes might somewhat protect against theft, but how watertight are they? If there was ever a flood, could water get inside, destroying your firearms? And what about moisture? Even if you stuff your safes full of those little moisture tabs, it’s difficult to maintain a constant level of humidity inside. This can lead to corrosion or rust inside your guns, vastly reducing their value.

What Are the Alternatives?

To put it simply, the best place to store your firearms is off-site in a facility specifically designed to keep them safe and properly functioning.

When you store your gun collection outside of your home at an appropriate facility, you instantly reduce the chances that someone might break in looking for them. Trust us—it can be a legal nightmare for you if your guns are stolen and used in a crime.

Store Them With GTA Guns Secure Storage

Here is what we offer:

  • 1. An Optimized Environment

We believe that protecting the condition of your firearms is paramount. After all, we do have an entire system for checking guns to make sure they are in optimal condition for our auctions (GUNCHECK™). When you store your firearms in our secure storage facility, they’ll be kept at a constant, perfect level of humidity for protecting them against rust and corrosion.

  • 2. 24/7 Security

Our safe storage facility is under constant 24-hour-a-day surveillance. We know how tempting firearms can be for thieves. That’s why we take the security of your gun collection so seriously. Firearm theft is never an issue in our facility.

  • 3. Ease of Access

After all, it’s YOUR collection. You want to be able to access it at your convenience!

Whenever you want to take out one of your firearms, or simply wish to inspect them, you only need to call us to set up a pick-up and drop-off time. Your firearms can be available when you need them—for some fun on the shooting range or a hunting trip during the weekend.

  • 4. Fully Insured

Okay, but let’s say the unthinkable happens and your collection is damaged while it’s in our care. That is why our safe storage facility (and all the firearms inside) is fully insured. If there were a natural disaster like a hurricane or a man-made disaster like a fire, your entire firearm collection would be fully covered. And, of course, we would do all the paperwork for you.

All of this boils down to safety and convenience. You take measures to protect your other valuable belongings, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your firearms? If you want to be sure that they’ll be protected, insured, and maintained, then GTA Guns Safe Storage is the perfect solution for you!

If you’d like to learn more about GTA Guns auctions, or any of our other services, please feel free to contact us!