Safe Storage

Safe Storage for your hunting and shooting firearms when you can’t keep them at home.

GTA Guns has the solution to the problem of gun storage when family or personal circumstances mean that you cannot keep them with you. We understand your passion for your firearms and that there can be much sentimental value attached to your pieces and memories as well not to mention your investment. You may be taking an extended vacation and want the additional peace of mind of having your collection protected. Even when life circumstances change such as downsizing, moving to a retirement facility, separation, or moving for business needs you may still want to access your firearms from time to time.

We will store your firearms securely in our insured, high security facility in Newmarket so that you can have peace of mind, and ready access.

Storage options include short term and long term solutions to fit your access needs.

Access times are negotiable by prior arrangement with us.

Contact us to enquire about this service.

GTA Guns and Gear Auctions Inc. is fully prepared to provide you with affordable firearms safe storage options.