Safe Storage

Gun Security Tips for 2020

Want to know a secret? New Year’s Resolutions… don’t work. Every single year, people around the world make well-meaning new year’s resolutions, only to abandon them around mid-January. That’s not because they’re lazy, forget, or even change their minds. It’s because their resolutions are often more like wishes than actual, achievable tasks. That’s why when […]

Can you remember way back to elementary school when you were shown old gun safety videos? Two friends are playing in the parents’ room. One of them asks the other if they want to see a gun. They find the firearm, usually underneath a bed, loaded, outside of a secure case with no safety on. […]

Are you ready for the upcoming winter? Wintertime in Canada shouldn’t be underestimated. Over the last few years, we’d be having an unseasonably warm fall, and then, WHAM! We’d get hit with a massive snowstorm that closed down schools, streets, and sometimes entire towns. Given this pattern, you should think about doing your winter prep […]

Choose Safe Storage for Your Firearms

Where do you keep your most valuable belongings? A lot of people out there might respond, “A safety deposit box at the bank.” Or they might even have a small safe in their home for their jewelry, coin collection, etc. But what if you have a firearms collection? Depending on the size and rarity of […]

The Best Gun Storage Options for Senior Citizens

Do you ever worry about your parents or grandparents having a gun collection in their home? If you do, don’t feel guilty. It’s human nature to be concerned about our loved ones, especially once they start to put on a few years. Heck, many seniors citizens in the GTA are worried about their gun collections […]

Why Gun Safe Storage Matters

When it comes to storing your guns safely, there are many factors to consider. The first and most important is to store your guns securely, out of reach from children. Second, you need to make sure your guns are stored in optimal conditions, so they don’t get rusty or damaged by the elements. Third, you […]

If you’re the executor of an estate that includes firearms, this important article is for you! As the executor of an estate in Toronto or in the GTA, there’s always the chance that you will discover assets that will be challenging to deal with. Figuring out what to do with firearms, for example, can be […]

What should an executor in the Greater Toronto Area do when they’re suddenly responsible for firearms as part of an estate? It’s a big responsibility. In Toronto and the GTA, the executor of an estate is responsible for making sure that any firearms are either transferred to a properly licensed individual or business or disposed […]

As our family members age, there are many great occasions to look forward to, from becoming grandparents for the first time to finally retiring from work. Often advancing years come with a sense of freedom and a more open schedule to enjoy life. For those who are grandparents that could mean spending even more time […]


One of the saddest and most stressful times of our lives is when a loved one passes. After the shock fades and they are laid to rest, we often find that we then have to deal with things like paperwork and wills. If you’ve just inherited a gun with no valid licence and have absolutely […]