Safe Storage

What should an executor in the Greater Toronto Area do when they’re suddenly responsible for firearms as part of an estate? It’s a big responsibility. In Toronto and the GTA, the executor of an estate is responsible for making sure that any firearms are either transferred to a properly licensed individual or business or disposed […]

As our family members age, there are many great occasions to look forward to, from becoming grandparents for the first time to finally retiring from work. Often advancing years come with a sense of freedom and a more open schedule to enjoy life. For those who are grandparents that could mean spending even more time […]


One of the saddest and most stressful times of our lives is when a loved one passes. After the shock fades and they are laid to rest, we often find that we then have to deal with things like paperwork and wills. If you’ve just inherited a gun with no valid licence and have absolutely […]

Disasters that Can Damage Your Guns at Home

Have you ever had a flooded basement? Fire? Or any other home-based accident? When it comes to storing your guns at home, there are many things you need to take into consideration. Of course, gun safety is paramount, especially if you have little ones running around. But there are other factors you need to take […]

Did you ever collect hockey cards as a kid? There was nothing quite like tearing into a pack, only to find a rookie card hiding among all of the doubles of cards you already had! As an adult, it can be difficult to recapture that feeling and excitement of finding a rarity and adding it […]

Why Safe Storage is the Best Option for Your Firearms

Guns can bring a family together through hunting activities or a day out at the shooting range. Many parents bond with their children during these activities, but to ensure that owning and using a gun always remains a fun and safe activity, it’s very important to not just practice gun safety, but also to store […]

Is it Time to Auction Your Unused Guns

Do you remember when you were young and your Mom would tell you to clean your room? “Why?”, you would think, “I have plenty of space!” But then, of course, you grow up and eventually move into your own place. Suddenly, space becomes considerably more of an issue. No matter what age you are, whether […]

At-Home Gun Maintenance and Storage Tips

Storing your guns is serious business. Trust us, we know! If you are storing firearms in your home, there are a lot of important things that you need to think about. Not just basic gun safety, but also things like maintaining an optimal environment for your guns. There may be a variety of security concerns, […]

Some of the Security Measures We Offer with Safe Storage

Are you satisfied with the level of security protecting your firearm collection? Serious firearm collectors often take extreme measures to keep their collections safe in their homes. They buy large gun safes to protect against theft. These safes need to be fireproof to protect the guns in the event of an accident or emergency. Oh, […]

As a firearms collector, getting rid of your guns can be tough. You’ve spent years building your collection, making a huge investment of both time and money. If you’re considering downsizing or moving into a retirement living home, you probably won’t have the space to properly store your entire collection. But boy, picking the guns […]