What We Do

GTA Guns and Gear Auctions provides a “one call does it all” service for those wishing to dispose of, safely store guns and/or wanting firearms appraisals.

If you are considering selling firearms, you will want to know why are we the best choice.

  1. We are closest gun auction company to the largest market in Canada. (GTA) We attract more buyers with big, fat wallets.
  2. We are the only firearm auction company to offer our proprietary GUNCHECK™ . (see below)
  3. We also are the only gun auction company to offer our proprietary CYCLECHECK™. (see below)
  4. We are the only firearm auction company that provides fiber optic bore pictures helping bidders know the internal condition of the firearm.
  5. We are the only gun auction company that offers a 2 week window for item previewing.
  6. We are the only firearm auction company with functionality guarantees so that the buyer will not buy a lemon. Therefore, the buyer has more bidding confidence.

Why do we have GUNCHECK™, CYCLECHECK™ as well as guarantees?

Quite simple. Prices of the guns increase with bidder confidence.

We have 5 selling options for you from which to choose.

  1. Outright purchase
    • It is not our favourite choice as it forces us to offer you as little as we can as opposed to getting you as much as we can.
  2. Silent Auction
    • This is reserved for very valuable firearms. i.e $5,000+. There is a flat fee as well as a performance fee.
  3. Buy-It-Now Page
    • You may post your firearm with a price in mind for a flat fee and performance fee.
  4. Brokered Deal
    • Collector guns only, we will contact our extensive list of collectors and broker a deal for you.
  5. The Gun Auction
    • By far the most popular, we will reach out to our list of 65,00+ to advise them of the guns we have for sale.

Hear what one consignor has to say about why he chose GTA Guns & Gear Auctions as his trusted auctioneer and for safe storage of his collection!

GTA guns – Interview Testimonial

We recently interviewed a man, who is the executor of a large collection of firearms. Watch this interview testimonial to learn why he chose to auction off his collection with us, as well as why he's chosen us to manage the storage of his collection.

Posted by GTA Guns and Gear Auctions Inc. on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Here are the metrics of the estate guns from the above executor.

Appraised value performed by an industry professional. (not us) $203,000

Total auction selling price $313,750.

We outperformed the appraised value by $110,750. An improvement of 54%

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Where to store your own firearms.

If you are in Ontario and moving into a retirement residence that does not let you store your guns there or,  you need accessible safe storage, consider having them stored at our secure and insured safe storage location in the GTA. Ontario.

You may wish to store your firearms and still have access. No problem. Or if you are a Snowbird, you may wish to have us store your guns for safekeeping. We can accommodate you. Click here for accessible safe gun storage solutions in the GTA.

Serving collectors, and estate executors and lawyers in Toronto, Barrie, Oshawa, London, Ottawa, across Ontario, and online. We are the choice of discerning firearms enthusiasts seeking quality gun auctions in Ontario.

GTA Guns and Gear Auctions Inc. is Ontario’s reputable firearms auction company which also offers gun appraisals and safe gun storage.

Click on the video below.

If you were buying a used car, you would look under the hood, wouldn’t you? We pay a licensed gunsmith to provide buyers with an “under the hood” gun fitness report called GUNCHECK™. More confident buyers equal higher bids.

Through our unique, proprietary GUNCHECK™ verification process, we have effectively leveled the playing field for collectors who are looking to purchase high-quality firearms online or at our live auction site. Additionally, we provide appraisal services for owners and estate executors of restricted, non-restricted, and prohibited firearms who want to sell their guns or insure their collections.

Through GUNCHECK™, our certified and experienced gunsmith provides comprehensive information and external and internal high-resolution photographs of the firearms available to bid on at our auctions.

If it doesn’t have GUNCHECK™, you are on your own.

Introducing CYCLECHECK™

Few things are more disconcerting for any firearms collector or hunter than acquiring a beautiful-looking semi-automatic firearm only to discover it doesn’t shoot properly because the firing cycle is faulty. Thanks to our new CYCLECHECK™ verification service, you will have the assurance that the semi-automatic you are purchasing from GTA Guns and Gear Auctions that bears the CYCLECHECK™ insignia has performed flawlessly during our testing.

Through CYCLECHECK™, we ensure the semi-automatic firearms we auction worked properly during a shooting range test. Call it an industry first (because it is): GTA Guns and Gear Auctions guarantees all of the semi-automatic firearms we sell that feature the CYCLECHECK seal of approval performed without failure for us. Best of all, there is no charge added to the auction buyer’s acquisition price for our CYCLECHECK™ service. The actual test will be posted for you to see.

So, if you are seeking a quality gun auction in Ontario, choose GTA Guns and Gear Auctions.

For executors, we can swiftly pick up estate firearms and place them into our insured, safe storage facilities. We are also authorized to provide firearms appraisals and firearms registrations. Should you then decide to sell the firearms, we are the closest gun auction company to the 6 million person market of the GTA and we are the only company that owns the trademarked GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™.

Guarantees. Another industry first.

We are so confident that we have weeded out the lemons, we guarantee that all guns bought from us function perfectly. If they don’t, the buyer can send it back to us, we will fix it, return it to him/her, refund the shipping charge and absorb the cost. (30 day max.)

Also, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on guns with a price of $5,000+. For any reason, a purchaser may return the gun to us and place it into our next auction without seller’s fees. (30 day max.)

Introducing Silent Auction

You may have a very valuable piece worthy of our advanced auction service. To qualify, your firearm must have a value in excess of $5,000.

We will post your item on our Silent Auction page for 60 days, send out an e-blast to more than 65,000 interested gun enthusiasts enticing them to place a bid. We manage the entire process. You and I will decide on a minimum value for the item to be sold.

In this way, you are guaranteed a minimum price or it will not be sold.

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