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Choosing the Best Gun Auction in Canada: What Makes GTA Guns Better Than the Competition

Quick question: Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? It doesn’t really matter which one you prefer as they mainly offer the same thing: sugar and lots of it! The same goes for many other brands. While everyone has preferences, these rival brands are essentially selling the same product. It’s rare that you find a brand […]

Online Gun Auctions: 100% Virtual

Have you been doing a lot of online shopping lately? Due to COVID-19, brick-and-mortar stores have been forced to close in compliance with physical distancing measures. Thankfully, GTA Guns moved to a fully-online model of auctioning a few years ago. Before that, we held hybrid firearm auctions, with both in-person and virtual components. If we […]

How Does a Gun Auction Work?

What do you picture when you think of an auction? Perhaps you picture someone standing at a podium, speaking at a rapid-fire pace: “One dollar bid, do I hear two, do I hear two, that’s two, do I hear three, three, three, no three, going once, going twice, sold for three dollars!” Or you might […]

Start Planning a Winter Vacation: Auction Your Unused Guns Now!

Do you feel that chill in the air? That means that a freezing cold Canadian winter is on its way! While there are many Canadians who love the ice and snow of wintertime, we don’t think that any of them would deny that a vacation somewhere a little warmer in the middle of winter would […]

How to Prepare for the Next Gun Auction

Every September, do you feel like it’s time to go back to school? Even if someone has been out of school for 50 years, they still feel that pull at the beginning of September. It’s built into our psyche that, at the very end of the summer, we feel like we need to start preparing […]

Put Your Guns up for Auction for Cold, Hard Cash

Are you looking for a risk-free, hassle-free, and more lucrative way to sell your guns and earn cold, hard cash? Look no further than GTA Gun Auctions! As avid gun enthusiasts, we understand that owning guns is no cheap endeavour, so if you’re not regularly using your guns, it’s better to cash ‘em in. Auctioning […]

Did you know that GTA Guns is unique in that we’re the only firearm auction company that offers guarantees to our buyers? We call it our Buyers’ Uncertainty Discount because online buyers are worried about the true quality of the firearms they are buying. They, therefore, reduce the amount they would ordinarily pay if they […]

How to Determine the Real Value of Your Gun Collection

Value is relative. You hear stories about Moms throwing out Wayne Gretzky rookie cards, or valuable comic book collections, simply because they don’t see the value in them. In basements around the country, there are buried treasures that could be worth big money, and their owners have no idea. At flea markets and garage sales, […]

Auction your Unused Guns Now!

Do you love hunting or recreational shooting? Are your weekends spent at the range? Or maybe your family has been collecting firearms for generations, and you have some very valuable guns you are thinking about selling. Well, summer is the perfect time to do so because all that extra cash could be used to take […]

Your Best Options to Sell Your Guns

Let’s be clear about one thing: selling your guns privately is a gamble and can be a very frightening and risky experience. As with everything else, the internet has massively disrupted the gun industry, leading to new opportunities but also major pitfalls for gun enthusiasts looking to purchase new or previously owned firearms. Buying a […]