How to Prepare for the Next Gun Auction

How to Prepare for the Next Gun Auction

Every September, do you feel like it’s time to go back to school?

Even if someone has been out of school for 50 years, they still feel that pull at the beginning of September. It’s built into our psyche that, at the very end of the summer, we feel like we need to start preparing to head back to the classroom. As a result, we can develop an “okay, onto the next thing” mentality after the summer is over. It’s a time of new beginnings, even for adults! This can be a fantastic motivator to help us get stuff done that we’ve been putting off for a while. And that can include cutting down our firearm collection by using GTA Guns auctions.

If you’ve been building your gun collection for years, there is a good chance that you might be ready to clear out some room for new pieces or collect on old “investments.” The start of the fall is the perfect time to begin, but before you list your firearms at our next GTA Guns auction, there are a few steps to prepare first.

Pick The Firearms You Wish to Sell

Sounds easy, but it really isn’t.

Folks can easily get attached to individual items in their firearm collections. After all, you’ve put a lot of work into your collection, and it might be challenging to figure out which pieces you want to say goodbye to.

First, pick out the guns that you regularly use. You’ll likely want to hold onto those. Next, pick out the guns that hold any sentimental value. Some people list and sell a firearm because of a potential big payday, only to regret it later. Out of the guns that you have left, are there any you’re particularly fond of? Those should be out too.

Now you should have some firearms that, while you might enjoy, are not integral parts of your collection. Therefore, they are perfect to sell at a GTA Guns auction.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Part of the beauty of GTA Guns is that we take care of all the paperwork when it comes to selling your firearms. You don’t have to worry about negotiating with the buyer to transfer ownership of the gun because we will do it for you.

However, for us to help you, you need to help us first by making sure that you have all of your paperwork in order. This includes having your Possession and Acquisition License and the registration of the individual firearm you wish to sell.

Once we have these documents in our possession, we can get the paperwork ready. Then, all you’ll need to do is sign a few documents to transfer ownership to the buyer. This will ensure that everything is done correctly so you’ll have no legal liability for what the new owner does with the firearm.

Get the Firearms Checked Out

One of the reasons why GTA Guns auctions are so successful is because there’s no false advertising. The people who attend our auctions know that the condition of every firearm listed is 100% accurate. How can they be so sure? Because those firearms have been through our GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™ systems.

These are proprietary tests only done at GTA Guns. With GUNCHECK™, a licensed gunsmith will inspect every aspect of your firearm and will write a condition report so buyers will know the exact condition of the gun they are bidding on. We even take internal and external photos so buyers can see the condition of the guns for themselves. Our CYCLECHECK™ test for semi-automatic firearms is similar. We do range testing to make sure that every gun cycles properly, then post a video of it so bidders can see for themselves.

To prepare for your next gun auction, you need to take your firearms to us to run these tests. Once completed, these tests will ensure that you’ll get top dollar for your guns, as bidders will be confident that they know what they’re buying.

Getting Ready for Buyers

Of course, all of this advice is for those who are looking to sell their guns. What if you’re getting excited for the opportunity to expand your collection instead? Well, there are still a few steps you may want to take.

First, figure out your budget. Sometimes, firearms in auctions will go for less than their retail price, but often they will sell for far more. It’s an auction, after all. You need to know the limits of your budget so you can bid up to that point.

Next, take a look at your gun collection to figure out where you might have some gaps you need filled. Once the firearms are listed on our auction site, you can go through the listings to figure out if there’s anything, in particular, you want to bid on.

If you see something extraordinary on our auction site, you might want to inspect it yourself before the big day. Fortunately, that’s easy. You just need to call us to book an appointment at our brick and mortar location. We can bring out the items that you are interested in so you can hold them in your hands before bidding (but don’t put this step off, as this service is only available until the Saturday preceding the auction!).

Even if you are an old hand at GTA Guns auctions, there are still things you should do to prepare. Just like the beginning of a new year at school, you want to make sure that all of the “i”s are dotted and “t”s are crossed so everything will go smoothly on the big day! If you’d like to learn more about GTA Guns auctions, or any of our other services, please feel free to contact us! We’ll make sure that you’re fully prepared to attend a super-successful GTA Guns auction!