The Best Way to Sell Guns: Firearm Auctions in the GTA

The Best Way to Sell Guns: Firearm Auctions in the GTA

When was the last time you tried to sell something online?

A common occurrence for many Canadians is sorting through their basement and finding something of value that they no longer want. So, what do they do? They head to eBay or Kijiji and list it!

This method of selling unwanted items is usually pretty successful, through potentially stressful. Best case scenario on Kijiji is that someone will meet you in a public place and pay cash for your item. On eBay, you’ll ship it out to the winning bidder, but you’ll usually have to pay for shipping to wherever they live. Of course, the worst-case scenario here is that you get scammed. You get paid, you send the item, and then the buyer claims that they never received it, or that it was broken when they got it. These are obviously lies, but because of buyer protection, they are usually given the benefit of the doubt, leaving the seller (you) without your money OR the valuable item you found.

Now, imagine this situation, but with a firearm. Here, the risk isn’t just financial—it’s also legal. If you meet someone on a gun forum who wants to buy your firearm, everything might look like it’s above board at first, but then you might discover that it wasn’t a legal sale, that they used forged documents, and then used YOUR firearm in a crime. That’s a nightmare that you want to avoid at all costs!

Thankfully, to avoid all of this, all you need to do is use GTA Guns auctions!

What Makes GTA Guns Auctions Different

When you attempt to sell your firearm through online methods, everything is on you.

You’re the one who needs to set up an account on an online forum, take photos of the firearm, find a buyer, negotiate a price with them, meet with them to exchange information, make sure that all the paperwork is filled out so you’re both legally covered, and then transport the firearm to them in a safe and legal manner. That is an astounding amount of work, and while the pay-off might be worth it, you’re going to be swimming in unfamiliar waters during the entire experience. And, if you make one single mistake, it could haunt you for years.

What makes GTA Guns auctions different? Well, right off the bat, your workload is WAY less! Here is your main job: safely and legally transporting your firearms to our brick and mortar site. Be sure to take all of your paperwork with you, including your PAL and the paperwork for each individual firearm. And… that’s it. Once you drop all of that off with us, the main part of your job is over. Here’s what happens from that point:

We run your firearms through the GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™ systems. In each, our licensed gunsmiths check out every aspect of your guns, making sure that they’re in full working order. We then take photos to post on the firearms’ auction webpages. The guns are given a grade to make sure that all bidders know the exact condition of the items they are bidding on.

Your job at this point is to play the waiting game. You can bookmark the webpages for your firearms so you can keep an eye on the bids. This can be the best part, as you watch the prices get higher and higher!

Come auction day, you’re going to want to pay close attention to exactly how much your firearms are going for! Once the auction is done, you still have nothing to do. Since you already gave us your paperwork, we can transfer the license of each of your sold firearms to the new owners. We are the ones who legally transport firearms to their homes.

Want to know what you do next? Play the waiting game some more, as you wait for the money to appear in your bank account! And that’s it.

Now, doesn’t that sound a heck of a lot easier than having to take care of every aspect of the sale by yourself?

GTA Guns Auctions

Here is the best part about GTA Guns auctions: you’re dealing with professionals. And we’re not just talking about us!

Our auctions bring in potential buyers from all over North America. You aren’t just dealing with the GTA gun market; you’re dealing with the North American gun market. And if one of those pro collectors sees something they like, they’re going to pounce and pay whatever they need to get that firearm in their possession. Even if you were to hang around firearm forums for months, you aren’t going to run into that many potential buyers!

If you have any more questions about GTA Guns auctions, or wish to learn more about any of our other services, please contact us at your convenience. We aim to make the process of selling your firearms as smooth and as painless as possible!