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Could there be a better way to start the new year than with some extra cash in the bank? This would be especially fantastic since 2020 was hard for most people financially due to the pandemic, subsequent shutdowns, and economic downturn. Fortunately, GTA Guns has the perfect solution: you can sell your unused firearms completely […]

Do you own unwanted or unused guns? Whether you’re a widow who has been left with your spouse’s guns, an executor who is suddenly responsible for an estate that includes firearms, or a senior gun owner who doesn’t want to leave their loved ones with a gun problem, at GTA Guns, we’re here to help. […]

Are you thinking of selling your guns? If you live in Canada, there are several options for selling your guns, but not all of them are good choices! The first thing that most likely comes to mind is selling your firearms to a gun store, but this isn’t a great idea. Why? Because gun stores […]

What do you think is the best way to sell firearms in Canada? Unlike unwanted items in your basement or forgotten clothes in your closet, you can’t just take your guns to a flea market or thrift store to get rid of them. Selling them at a gun store might seem logical, but chances are […]

Fast Money: How to Sell Your Guns

Are you currently a little worried about your finances? Because of physical distancing in the era of COVID-19, many non-essential businesses needed to close their doors. This has left many Canadians furloughed, or out of work entirely. Yes, there have been wage subsidy programs put into place by the federal government, but for many, this […]

Is Now the Right Time to Sell Your Guns in Canada?

Do you ever wonder when the best time to sell your guns is in Canada? As one of the premier places in North America to sell firearms, GTA Guns always keeps a close eye on how Canadian public opinion is shifting. While worries about gun control are always on the horizon, that doesn’t mean new […]

The Best Way to Sell Guns: Firearm Auctions in the GTA

When was the last time you tried to sell something online? A common occurrence for many Canadians is sorting through their basement and finding something of value that they no longer want. So, what do they do? They head to eBay or Kijiji and list it! This method of selling unwanted items is usually pretty […]

Here's How We Help Executors Sell Guns

Are you the executor of an estate in Toronto or the GTA? It’s a big responsibility, especially when guns are part of that estate. Trying to navigate your way through an estate with multiple firearms can make this important job even more complicated. At GTA Guns, executors often ask us questions like, what if the […]

If you own a gun in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, listen up! Did you know that the demand for firearms is on the rise and that you can make a lot of money by selling your unused guns right here in the GTA? But that’s only if you know how to sell your […]

Your Best Options to Sell Your Guns

Let’s be clear about one thing: selling your guns privately is a gamble and can be a very frightening and risky experience. As with everything else, the internet has massively disrupted the gun industry, leading to new opportunities but also major pitfalls for gun enthusiasts looking to purchase new or previously owned firearms. Buying a […]