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Want to Bring a Firearm into Canada? This is What You Need to Know!

Are you an American or non-Canadian citizen? Have you ever wanted to bring your firearms into Canada? **While travel has ceased during the coronavirus epidemic, at some point travel is going to open up again and this is important information for anyone who will be entering into Canada and wants to bring a firearm.** There […]

Where do you go to shoot your guns? Once you purchase a firearm at our GTA Guns auctions, the first thing you’re going to want to do is to try it out! If you aren’t really into hunting (or it’s the off-season), then one of the only other legal outlets for shooting a firearm is […]

Don't Be Fleeced by Unpaid Amnesty Programs

Have you ever given a gun to an unpaid gun amnesty program? In Ontario, unpaid gun amnesty programs are offered as a safe and effective way to get rid of unused guns. You transport your unwanted firearms to a location where the police will take them off your hands… then they take them to be […]

How Many Guns Do You *Really* Need in your Collection?

Have you ever watched a hoarders reality TV show? These shows are usually an odd mix of pure entertainment and cautionary tales. They star ordinary people who have houses, lives, families… and way, way too much stuff. Their homes are completely overstuffed with random items—both things of value and things that are literal garbage. In […]

Why Gun Safe Storage Matters

When it comes to storing your guns safely, there are many factors to consider. The first and most important is to store your guns securely, out of reach from children. Second, you need to make sure your guns are stored in optimal conditions, so they don’t get rusty or damaged by the elements. Third, you […]

Step-by-Step Instructions: How to to Inspect and Buy a Used Gun

Are you intimidated by the process of buying a used gun? When it comes to spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a used item, just like with any big purchase, it can be scary to take the plunge. But thankfully, with the right research and a little bit of know-how, the process of […]

Here's How We Help Executors Sell Guns

Are you the executor of an estate in Toronto or the GTA? It’s a big responsibility, especially when guns are part of that estate. Trying to navigate your way through an estate with multiple firearms can make this important job even more complicated. At GTA Guns, executors often ask us questions like, what if the […]

Famous Celebrities Who Are Also Huge Gun Collectors

Celebrities: they’re just like us! Ok, so we might not all have vacation homes in Aspen, a reserved table at the Ivy in Los Angeles, or a $5 million dollar movie contract, but there’s certainly one thing many of us have in common with famous celebrities – the love of a good firearm! So, who […]

More Effective Alternatives to Gun Control

Whenever something goes wrong in the news and there’s a gun involved, there’s an outcry for gun control. The problem is that people don’t understand gun control in Canada so they can’t really understand the real issues at hand. When it comes to gun control in Canada, it’s primarily about the licensing and registration of […]

Most Famous Guns in TV History

Have you ever noticed how the protagonists on non-military TV shows are usually armed with only their trusty handgun? Whenever you see a character whip out their piece, you know they mean business! On TV, handguns are portrayed as wonder weapons, with equal firepower to a rifle (and often infinite ammo). Nine times out of […]