How much do you really know about guns? At GTA Guns, we work with folks with various levels of firearms knowledge. For example, while a collector who might spend thousands of dollars purchasing a firearm in an auction might have an encyclopedic knowledge of firearms, an executor who is handling a Will might not know […]

The Most Popular Guns Used in Westerns

Who doesn’t love a Western? One of the most iconic genre of movies ever, much of the golden age of cinema was built on the popularity of Westerns. Throughout the first-half of the 20th century, Westerns were by far audience’s movie genre of choice. Western movies inspired everything from hit television shows, like Gunsmoke, to […]

Did you see any movies that really stood out this year? It seems like we are in a golden age of action flicks. With every passing year, they seem to get better and better. The cinematography is pushing boundaries, the action scenes are becoming more explosive, and the stories and characters are growing in depth. […]

There’s nothing like the pulse-pounding excitement of a good auction! The very first time we held a GTA Guns auction, I knew they were something special. They’ve since become my favourite day of the month. Every month, we have hundreds of firearms, gun accessories like scopes, and other items of interest like throwing knives and […]

What’s your all-time favourite cop show? Turn on the television past 6pm and chances are that you will find a cop show playing on at least one station. Cop shows have been staples since television’s very beginning, applying varying levels of realism over the years depending on audience tastes and network censorship. Of course, every […]

Do you know that we auction off more than just guns? As soon as you contact GTA Guns about auctioning your firearms, you’ll know that you are in good hands. Since the first day we opened our doors, we have worked hard to build a reputation among gun-owners that we’d be very proud of. We […]

Are your firearms insured? You might be surprised to learn that whether or not they are insured can depend entirely on your home insurance policy. In some home insurance policies, firearms are considered to be sporting equipment and are therefore mostly covered in the cases of theft, fire, or loss. Even then, after an emergency, […]

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? What about Disney World? Or the Bahamas? Heck, doesn’t a beautiful trip through the Rocky Mountains sound nice? The fact is, vacations are more expensive than ever—there’s no denying that. Between airfare, accommodations, food, attractions, car rentals, and many other expenses, it can drain your pocketbook fast. […]

Do either of your elderly parents own a gun, or have a gun collection? Do you know their intentions for their firearms after they’ve passed? Do they wish it to go to you or another member of the family? The death of a parent is something that nobody likes to think about. It seems almost […]

Are you looking to sell some of your firearms? Did you know you can make good money by selling your guns at auction? It’s true! Demand is high right now for firearms and the average Canadian firearm owner can make a nice profit through selling their firearms at auction. If you haven’t used an auction […]