Canadian Gun Facts & Statistics 2021

How much do you know about the popularity of firearms in Canada? While the United States of America tends to celebrate its gun culture, things are a little bit more muted here up north. But that in no way means that firearms aren’t massively popular here in Canada! Though our gun owners might be quieter […]

Are you ready for the upcoming winter? Wintertime in Canada shouldn’t be underestimated. Over the last few years, we’d be having an unseasonably warm fall, and then, WHAM! We’d get hit with a massive snowstorm that closed down schools, streets, and sometimes entire towns. Given this pattern, you should think about doing your winter prep […]

The Importance of Making Arrangements in Your Will

Is your will up to date? Do you even have a will? Although death can be an uncomfortable subject to talk about, not making arrangements can present a host of problems for your loved ones during a time of grieving. While most people remember to include money, real estate, and sentimental possessions in their will, […]

To make sure everything goes well and your firearms are in tip-top shape, here’s everything you need to know to get your guns ready for spring.

Have you heard the phrase “Proper preparation prevents poor performance?” It’s hard to think of a more accurate saying when it comes to getting your firearms ready for the spring. Neglecting anything mechanical will eventually result in frustration and failure and, in the case of firearms, could potentially cause a dangerous situation. Imagine you’re on […]

How to Safely Introduce Your Children to Firearms

Has your child ever asked you about your firearms? Just because kids aren’t asking about gun safety doesn’t mean they don’t have questions. The truth about gun safety is that the only thing that’ll keep a child safe is the training, education, and respect for firearms you instill in them. Although there’s no cookie cutter […]

Do you have an extensive gun collection? Or maybe just a few precious firearms? No matter if you’ve got five firearms in your collection or 50, if you’re looking at selling individual guns or your entire gun collection in the Greater Toronto Area, then you’re going to want to sell them through GTA Guns Auctions. […]

As our family members age, there are many great occasions to look forward to, from becoming grandparents for the first time to finally retiring from work. Often advancing years come with a sense of freedom and a more open schedule to enjoy life. For those who are grandparents that could mean spending even more time […]

Have Your Firearms Become a Liability?

Do you enjoy using your firearms at the shooting range or target practice? Do you often go away on hunting trips? If so, then you’re actively using your gun and benefitting from gun ownership – and that’s great! But did you know that if you’re not taking advantage of the benefits of owning a gun, […]

How to Determine the Real Value of Your Gun Collection

Value is relative. You hear stories about Moms throwing out Wayne Gretzky rookie cards, or valuable comic book collections, simply because they don’t see the value in them. In basements around the country, there are buried treasures that could be worth big money, and their owners have no idea. At flea markets and garage sales, […]

Outside of westerns, war movies are probably where firearms make the most frequent, and realistic, appearances on the silver screen. Unlike in action movies where firearms are basically magic with unlimited ammo and perfect aim, firearms in war films usually reflect the gritty and horrible reality of what it was like on the ground (with […]