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Preparing for a Firearm Auction in 2022

Are you thinking about downsizing your firearm collection in 2022? The new year is an excellent time to start fresh and set new goals. For example, you might plan to start exercising more regularly. Or maybe take up a new hobby. Or you could choose the ever-popular resolution to get your home organized and clean […]

Are you thinking of selling your guns? If you live in Canada, there are several options for selling your guns, but not all of them are good choices! The first thing that most likely comes to mind is selling your firearms to a gun store, but this isn’t a great idea. Why? Because gun stores […]

So, you’ve decided to auction your firearms… but now what? If you’ve been following us for a while, then you know how many risks there are to buying and selling firearms online. If you head to a gun store, you might end up walking away with less than the firearm is worth. Sell them through […]

If you’re concerned with your elderly parents’ wellbeing right now, you’re not alone. With our elderly population being especially susceptible to COVID-19, children of seniors are currently very worried about their health and safety. This concern is doubly warranted if there are also firearms in their parents’ home. This is one reason why GTA Guns […]

Solve Firearm Problems Now: Gun Liquidation in the GTA

Do you have a “problem” when it comes to collecting guns? For instance, what happens when the size of your collection becomes an issue? Imagine that you need to downsize your living situation, and there is no more room for every gun you own. How do you quickly sell several firearms for what they’re actually […]

Why GTA Guns Fetches 22% Higher Prices* for Sellers than Other Firearms Auctions

Do you want to get as much money as possible when you sell a piece from your firearm collection? One of the biggest “selling” points for GTA Guns is that firearms sold through our auctions fetch an average of 22% more money than other firearm auctions*. So not only are you going to get a […]

Are you looking to buy or sell a firearm through an auction? Then you’ll want to do it through GTA Guns online auctions! Why? Let us count the ways… 1. Extreme Convenience There’s something to be said for convenience – and in today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king. Just 10 minutes of a traditional auction […]