What Are the Biggest Advantages of Online Firearm Auctions?

Are you looking to buy or sell a firearm through an auction? Then you’ll want to do it through GTA Guns online auctions!


Let us count the ways…

1. Extreme Convenience

There’s something to be said for convenience – and in today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king.

Just 10 minutes of a traditional auction can take hours out of your day when you factor in the need to be at a specific location at a particular time, inspect the items if possible, register, and wait around for it to start.

Fortunately, by buying or selling a firearm through an online auction, all you have to do is log on from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, there’s no need to be quiet during an online auction! You can openly chat about your next bid with your partner or friends, allowing you to debate, discuss, convince, and do the math before placing any bids.

Imagine being able to get audibly excited when it looks like you might be the winner? Being able to bid from home doesn’t mean there’s less momentum or emotion; it might even be dialled up because you don’t have to hide it and stay quiet!

An online auction is exciting on your terms, in your house, in your own way… and every decision can be a group decision, decided after a good conversation about the pros and cons of bidding on a particular gun.

2. Higher Bids and More Items to Bid On

Did you know GTA Guns auctions draw over 62,000 gun enthusiasts from all over North America? That’s right! We have access to more potential buyers than anyone in the GTA, or maybe even Canada!

While GTA Guns is situated in the buyer-rich Toronto-area gun market, which gives us direct access to hundreds of local enthusiasts who are in search of the ideal firearm, it’s our online auctions that have allowed us to reach so many avid gun enthusiasts.

Ever since we’ve moved the “location” of our auctions online, there’s been a massive surge of interest from collectors all over North America who are now able to browse our auction site from the very first day of the auction, right from the comfort of their own home.

So what does this mean? It means higher bids, of course!

Over the last few months, we’ve seen this broad pool of passionate gun collectors engage in fierce bidding wars to get the exact piece they want into their collection. These bidding wars are driving the price of firearms higher than ever before. This means sellers get more money after a sale, which encourages them to auction off even more guns and accessories from their collections. In turn, this attracts even more buyers who now have no shortage of fantastic firearms to bid on. It’s a profitable circle for everyone involved!

3. A Simpler Process

Have you ever been to a fast-paced, traditional in-person auction? Although they can be super fun, most people at them have absolutely no idea what is going on!

Yes, a traditional auction is exciting and fast with incredibly skilled auctioneers, but since everything happens verbally, it can be tricky for most of us mere mortals to keep up and figure out the bid increment at any given moment.

Of course, with GTA Guns online auctions, all these problems are solved! You’ll never feel left behind, and you’ll always know what the bid is at.

That’s not the only way GTA Guns simplifies things. When you buy or sell a firearm through GTA Guns auctions, we make sure the entire process is simple and headache-free. We’ll take care of all the necessary paperwork for you, as well as transfer and transport the gun directly to the buyer.

Plus, once the auction is over and the sale has gone through, we make the payment to you within six business days following the auction — no exceptions.

4. On-Site Previewing

After reading all these great advantages to our online auctions, you’re probably thinking this all sounds good but what if you want to inspect a firearm before you purchase it?

Well, that’s another advantage to GTA Guns online auctions. We offer on-site previewing of all our auction items.

From the time the auction is posted online until the Saturday before the auction is held, you can make an appointment to visit our brick and mortar location and perform a full inspection of the firearms or accessories you’re thinking of bidding on.

All you have to do is select which items interest you and call us to set up a viewing appointment. It’s that simple!

5. Performance Guarantees

Here’s where we add the cherry on top – at GTA Guns, we offer a performance guarantee to all our buyers. If you buy a gun through our online auction and it doesn’t work for any reason, just return it to us. That’s right, we’ll repair it for you, and we’ll even refund the shipping costs (30-day maximum).

We also offer a satisfaction guarantee that applies to any firearms purchased at auction with a price of $3,000 or more. If you’re not happy with your purchase, we put it back up for auction for you with no sales charge (30-day maximum).

What’s more, all of these revolutionary services are free of charge for both the buyer and seller!

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So what are you waiting for?

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