2019 is the Right Time to Sell Guns in the GTA

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year?

We would wager a guess that the most popular resolutions for the start of 2019 are to eat healthier, get more exercise, and save more money!

Although we can’t help you with the first two (but we wish you luck), we most certainly can help with the last resolution. If you’re looking to earn some extra cash to boost your savings for the year ahead, then you may want to sell your unused gun or gun collection in 2019.

At GTA Guns, we’ll not only make sure that you’re getting the highest possible price for selling your unused guns, but we’ll also make sure the entire process of selling a gun in Toronto is completely pain-free.

So, how do we do this? Simple economics, really.

We Have Access to One of the Biggest Gun Markets

An item’s value is the price someone is willing to pay for it today. Period.

The real market value of your gun has to do with demand. So, to find the true value of your gun collection, you need to go to the people who have their finger on the pulse on demand already – and that’s GTA Guns auctions.

Our email list includes more than 62,000 gun enthusiasts from all over North America! No one else in the GTA (or maybe even in Canada) has access to that many potential buyers.

Now that our auctions are held exclusively online, many of our bidders browse the listings every single day. Our buyers know what they want, and will do whatever it takes to get that perfect firearm.

We saw some fierce bidding wars in 2018, and 2019 is shaping up to be even hotter – meaning more money in your bank account at the end of the auction.

How GTA Guns Makes the Process Pain-Free

Have you ever tried to sell a gun privately? What a pain!

From dealing with clueless buyers, trying to find the time to meet up, and filling out endless paperwork, the process can get complicated, tiresome, and sometimes even dangerous. Many scams occur where the buyer’s Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL) information turns out to be fake! It can be pretty scary!

But the most common thing that happens to buyers in a private sale is that they get low-balled. It can be difficult trying to determine the real value of your firearm or firearm collection by yourself, relying only on internet research and what a random buyer is willing to spend.

Besides, do you really want to do gun deals with strangers?

Our Team of Professionals is Here to Help

At GTA Guns, we offer two exclusive verification services. Our GUNCHECK™ service has a licensed gunsmith inspect every firearm that we sell and write a condition report that includes high-resolution photos. Both the report and the photos are posted on your firearm’s auction listing for everyone to see. This helps ensure that your firearms are bringing in the highest bids possible.

If you’re hoping to sell a semi-automatic firearm, then we use our CYCLECHECK™ service. It’s an industry first! All semi-automatics are range tested, and the video of our test is posted on your firearm’s auction listing to prove to bidders that your gun is in perfect working condition. Once again, this will help drive up those bids and fatten your wallet for all your 2019 goals because those bidders are even more confident that they are not buying someone else’s problem.

We guarantee the guns we sell will function properly. This further improves bidder confidence and makes them willing to bid higher.

We Do All the Work for You

After the sale is complete, we not only take care of all the paperwork, including verifying who the buyers are and guaranteeing that everything is legal, transparent, and fair for everyone involved, but we even transfer the firearm to the buyer! We are also the only gun auction company that pays our sellers within 6 business days following the auction. No exceptions.

Sell Your Guns Today

With our game-changing guarantees, our hassle-free process, and our team of experts helping you every step of the way, 2019 really is the right time to sell guns in the GTA!

So don’t wait!

Call us today to learn more about our online auctions or any of our other services and start selling your guns, boosting your savings, and crushing all your 2019 resolutions.