Some of the Security Measures We Offer with Safe Storage

Some of the Security Measures We Offer with Safe Storage

Are you satisfied with the level of security protecting your firearm collection?

Serious firearm collectors often take extreme measures to keep their collections safe in their homes. They buy large gun safes to protect against theft. These safes need to be fireproof to protect the guns in the event of an accident or emergency. Oh, and don’t forget that a constant low state of humidity needs to be maintained as well to guard against rusting. This can easily run a collector thousands of dollars, not to mention take up a huge amount of space in their home. It could just be easier to remove your firearms from the home entirely to a location that is already secured against theft, accidents, and other emergencies. We are talking about the security provided by GTA Guns Safe Storage!

Protection Against Theft

Our homes are often not as secure as we think.

It really doesn’t take much for a thief to quietly break a window when we aren’t home and sneak in. Even if you have an alarm system, they could grab many valuables before the police finally arrive. If you have a valuable firearm collection, this can be a hugely tempting target for criminals. Unless you want to invest in a large and heavy secure gun safe, you can never be sure that your guns will be secure and safe in the event of a break-in.

Of course, you could simply store your firearms with GTA Guns. Not only will you be removing a hugely tempting target for theft from your home, you will also be putting them in an incredibly secure facility. Once your firearms are in our hands, they will be completely safe until they are taken off-property.

Insured in Case of Emergency

Even if you have taken every possible precaution against theft in your home, there is still the chance that an accident could happen. A fire or flood could destroy your collection completely, leaving you “holding the bag” unless your collection is fully insured. This can be a huge headache, as every single one of your firearms needs to be individually assessed and insured. The far better option is to simply store your firearms with GTA Guns. Our safe storage facility is fully insured, so if there ever was an accident, all of your firearms would be completely covered.

Environmental Protection

You know, in this business we see a lot of guns. Through our GUNCHECK™ service, we have inspected countless firearms, many for our Gun Auctions, but also many private collectors who are interested in assessing the value of their collections. Most of these guns are in pretty good condition, but every now and then, we see firearms that were kept in poor, damp, humid conditions for years on end.

Humidity can wreak havoc on a gun’s condition. If storage conditions are too damp, mildew and mould can begin to grow. Even worse, guns can start to rust. It’s heartbreaking to see absolutely beautiful guns that were destroyed because they were kept in a damp basement for years. For guns to remain in optimal condition, they require strictly controlled environmental conditions, with a constant level of low humidity to prevent damage over time. That’s what we offer with our gun storage. Any firearms that are stored with us are kept in a closely regulated environment that will keep them dry and safe.

Other Benefits of Safe Storage

Many firearm collectors with families are often concerned about keeping their collection in their home. Because of the popularity of guns in pop culture, children are especially curious about them. If you keep guns in the home, there is a chance that your children might seek them out, especially if they are too young yet to know the potential dangers involved with firearms. The best way to eliminate this danger is to remove your guns from your home entirely. By storing them with GTA Guns, you can still have convenient access to them–simply call ahead–while also keeping them well out of the hands of your kids.  

Another reason to keep your firearms with GTA Guns is to simplify the process of estate planning. Before storing your collection with us, you can run all of your guns through our appraisal process to give you an accurate measure of how much your collection is monetarily worth. This can be a big help when writing your will.

There are so many benefits of storing your firearms with GTA Guns, but maybe you want to see it to believe it. Call today to make an appointment to visit our storage facilities. We’re sure that you will be impressed with the measures we’ve taken to make sure your guns will be both safe and secure. If you’d like to learn more about GTA Guns Auctions, or any of our other services, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.