Are you an Executor Selling Guns in the GTA?

What should an executor in the Greater Toronto Area do when they’re suddenly responsible for firearms as part of an estate?

It’s a big responsibility. In Toronto and the GTA, the executor of an estate is responsible for making sure that any firearms are either transferred to a properly licensed individual or business or disposed of safely and lawfully within a reasonable length of time. Until the time that the firearms are transferred or disposed of, it’s the executor’s responsibility to ensure that the firearms are safely stored.

For less experienced executors, all of this can be a massive headache. But for those executors who know about GTA Guns, the answer is easy! Located in New Market, very near Toronto, we’re the best option for executors looking to sell a gun or gun collection in the GTA.

Our firm is located within the buyer-rich Toronto-area gun market, and we also attract a large audience of buyers from around Ontario, across Canada, and also across the rest of North America to our online auctions. We maximize the value of your firearms in many different ways, ensuring that they’ll sell for their highest possible price. We also offer secure storage services for executors who are looking to store the firearms while other arrangements are being made.

In short, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your firearms needs in the Greater Toronto Area.

So, if you’re an executor in the GTA responsible for an estate that includes a gun, or even a whole gun collection, then you’ll want to use GTA Guns’ auctions and safe storage to make the entire process simple, efficient, and, certainly, legal.

Executor Selling Gun Collections

Many executors aren’t quite sure what their responsibilities are when there’s a firearm included in the estate. That’s why they come to a firm like GTA Guns and Gear.

We’re licensed and experienced at appraising, transporting, storing, and selling all types of firearms. Our goal is to make sure you get the most money for the guns you wish to sell based on their history, condition, and market value. When you contact us, we can advise you on the procedures and legalities of dealing with these firearms, helping guide you through the entire process. The best part? There is no fee for this service.

One of the first steps is an assessment of the firearm. We can run GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™, our firearm appraisal and inspection services for insurance and estate valuations, for any type or class of firearms you bring us, including antiques.

After our inspection, we’ll provide you, the executor, with a comprehensive report of the firearms and related gear. We also offer legal and equitable options for selling the guns in your possession, as well as secure and legal transportation and short-or long-term firearms storage services.

Our Online Auctions

What do we do that’s different and better than anyone else?

We’re really good at finding the top value for the guns we have for sale!

Legal firearms auctions can mean serious money for those who are selling guns in the GTA. At GTA Guns, our job is to find a buyer. Before each monthly auction, we send out an enormous e-blast to our 62,000+ subscribers, informing them about which firearms are for sale. This attracts thousands of buyers willing to do battle with each other on our bidding platform, driving the bids higher and higher for their desired guns.

Our auction platform allows us to offer potential buyers detailed information as to the quality and condition of every firearm we’re selling. On every bidding page, we use high-resolution photos that clearly show the condition of each firearm. This reduces the bidders’ uncertainty, meaning higher bids and more money in your pocket. No one wants to buy someone else’s problem. In fact, we guarantee that all firearms purchased through us are fully functional. If not, we’ll pay for the shipping and repair.

As an executor selling a gun or gun collection, having us auction off your firearms is an utterly stress-free experience for you. We do all of the paperwork, including verifying who the buyers and sellers are, guaranteeing that everything is legal, transparent, and fair for everyone involved.

Safe Storage

But what if you aren’t ready to sell the gun or gun collection? Well, we have a solution for that too with our safe storage option!

Here at GTA Guns, we understand the sentimental value that can be attached to each firearm, especially if it’s being willed to someone in the family. That’s why we offer safe storage where you can securely store your guns in our fully-insured, high-security facility in Toronto.

Not only does our safe storage provide complete peace of mind, but our storage options include short-term and long-term solutions to fit all your access needs. You can access your guns whenever it’s convenient for you by calling us and making arrangements to come pick them up or drop them off.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact GTA Guns and Gear Auctions today! We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or provide further information on any of our services. If you’re an executor selling a gun collection in the GTA, let’s get started and earn you the most money possible!