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Buy Your Next Firearm from the Comfort of Home

Have you been spending record amounts of time on the internet lately? That’s understandable! The internet has been a lifeline for many of us for the last few months. It’s enabled us to remain in contact with each other, keeping us from going stir crazy in our homes. We’ve been able to reach out to […]

Have Your Firearms Become a Liability?

Do you enjoy using your firearms at the shooting range or target practice? Do you often go away on hunting trips? If so, then you’re actively using your gun and benefitting from gun ownership – and that’s great! But did you know that if you’re not taking advantage of the benefits of owning a gun, […]

Auction your Unused Guns Now!

Do you love hunting or recreational shooting? Are your weekends spent at the range? Or maybe your family has been collecting firearms for generations, and you have some very valuable guns you are thinking about selling. Well, summer is the perfect time to do so because all that extra cash could be used to take […]

Did you ever collect hockey cards as a kid? There was nothing quite like tearing into a pack, only to find a rookie card hiding among all of the doubles of cards you already had! As an adult, it can be difficult to recapture that feeling and excitement of finding a rarity and adding it […]

Why Unpaid Amnesty Programs Are a MISTAKE

The Ontario Police Department have just wrapped up their month-long April Amnesty drive, where they collected over 2000 unwanted firearms. 2000 firearms… that could have put money in pockets for vacations, paying bills, and retirement! According to the Waterloo police department’s website, “the amnesty program is designed to increase education as to what responsibilities there […]

Why Buying at Auction is the Best Option for First-Time Gun Owners

Do you remember buying your first gun? Let’s pretend for a minute that you’ve just turned 18 and you want to purchase your very first firearm. You’ve done some research online and have decided which gun you want to get. So, what’s your next step? Buy one? Hold on there for a second! There are […]