Safe Storage: Why Safe Storage of Your Guns Matters

How do you store your guns?

Folks who collect firearms are some of the most safety-conscious people out there. They know all of the benefits and dangers of firearms, and have put far more thought and research into gun safety than the average person. When you own a gun, safe storage matters—full stop. Here are a few reasons why safely storing your firearms is so important:

Gun Safety

The story of the kids who found their parents’ guns and decided to play cops and robbers is a well-known one. The best way to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening is to make sure that the kids never have access to the firearms in the first place. This could mean locking them in a secured location in your home (which comes with its own drawbacks) or completely removing your collection from the immediate environment. By storing your guns with GTA Guns, you can make sure that you (and others you may place on your account) are the only ones who can access your firearms collection.

This isn’t to say that you need to completely remove all of your guns from your property and put them into our care. If you are concerned about home security, having a gun on hand can bring peace of mind. Just make sure that gun is always secure and out of reach of those who might not have a full understanding of the dangers of firearms. A small gun safe or lockbox, with the ammo stored elsewhere, should do the trick.

Theft Protection

Guns are remarkably valuable investments. Just take a look at our monthly gun auctions and you will see how much money can be spent on well-maintained and beautiful firearms. When you store your entire firearm collection in your home, you are essentially amassing a large concentration of your wealth in a single, unsecured place. Even if you have a security system and keep your guns in a safe, there are ways that criminals can get around both. If you have an extensive enough gun collection, you could even be targeted for robbery by enterprising crooks who may have heard about you through the grapevine.

The best way to make sure that your guns are safe from theft is to put them in a completely secure location. When you place your guns in our care, they are put into 100% secure storage in your own personal gun locker in our facility.

Even if you prefer to have your firearms on-site at your home, it might be worthwhile to investigate putting them into short-term safe storage with GTA Guns for safekeeping when you go on vacation or leave your home for an extended period.

Insurance Purposes

If you have a large firearms collection, dealing with insurance can be a nightmare. You can’t just insure your entire collection as one big block. Each gun needs to be individually insured, and even then, there might be loopholes or fineprint in your insurance policy that you might miss. You can avoid this headache with GTA Guns. When you put your firearms in our hands, you can be sure that you are covered. Our entire secure storage location is fully insured, meaning that if the unthinkable happens, your entire firearms collection will still be completely covered.

At-Home Gun Safes Are Expensive

As firearm enthusiasts and professional gun storage professionals, we readily admit that gun safes can be VERY pretty. Some commercially available gun safes are big, beautiful pieces that, with proper care and maintenance, will last more than a lifetime. A truly secure gun safe is something that you would want to put in your will, just to avoid your heirs fighting over who gets to keep it. That being said, not all gun safes are created equally.

Many commercial safes today provide only the illusion of security. If a criminal wants to get into one, they will find a way. Even a combination lock and key is no guarantee that your collection will be safe. Some gun safe manufacturers have realized that by making the external appearance of their safes appear super secure, they can sell more of them. If you want a truly secure, fireproof gun safe, you are going to have to pay through the nose. Moreover, unless you have a gun collection that is completely static in size (one where you have a set number of guns and don’t plan to purchase any more), chances are that an at-home gun safe (even a big one) is going to start getting tight on space pretty fast.

So, our advice would be to buy a smaller, safer, and much more affordable gun safe for your personal at-home security firearms, and store the rest of your collection with us off-site. At our secure facility, we have security measures in place that simply aren’t feasible at an in-home setting. 24/7 surveillance, individual gun lockers, and full insurance are just a few of the reasons to trust our safe storage at GTA Guns.


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