Downsizing? Moving into Retirement Living? Now is the Time to Put Your Guns into Safe Storage or to Sell Them at Auction

As a firearms collector, getting rid of your guns can be tough. You’ve spent years building your collection, making a huge investment of both time and money. If you’re considering downsizing or moving into a retirement living home, you probably won’t have the space to properly store your entire collection. But boy, picking the guns that you want to keep and the ones to get rid of can be a nightmare!

I mean, how are you supposed to even get rid of your guns? Obviously, you can’t just throw them out on the curb with the trash. You might consider giving them to family members, but then you have to worry about transferring the gun licenses. Thankfully, GTA Guns offers you two surefire options to downsize your collection without having to worry about any of the logistics or headaches involved.

Option #1: Safe Storage

If you can’t imagine parting with your guns, but you no longer have room for them, GTA Guns Safe Storage is the perfect solution for you.

With Safe Storage, you get your own Gun Locker in our high-security storage facility. These storage lockers provide optimal conditions for long-term gun storage, making them a far superior storage option than a non-controlled environment like your home. You can also access your firearms whenever you’d like, you just have to come to the facility.

Our storage facility is fully insured, so if the worst were to happen, all of your firearms would be covered. No headaches about having individual insurance for each gun, and no worries about having insurance for different types of disasters—you can rest assured that all of your guns will be fully covered and protected 24/7!

Option #2: Gun Auction

If you decide that you have firearms in your collection that you can let go of, the question becomes how do you actually get rid of them? Going online and selling them like you would an old couch can open you up to any number of legal pitfalls. And you obviously don’t want to go down the route of destroying beautiful, perfectly functioning firearms that someone else could use and enjoy. So… what can you do?

GTA Guns auctions are the perfect solution for those who want to get rid of their guns without any of the associated troubles. It’s just so easy!

First, our gunsmiths will grade and appraise every item you take to them, so you’ll know the true value of the gun or firearm accessory you want to sell. After the appraisal, we then take care of all of the logistics. We store your guns while we prepare for the auction, show them to interested parties, and manage the online bidding process. Gun enthusiasts from all over North America will be able to bid on your firearms online, giving you access a huge market that will bid higher and more often than smaller local markets. After your guns have been sold, we’ll secure and transport them to their new owners. All you have to do is wait and collect the money from the sale. Simple!

For the savvy firearms collector, a combination of both of these options might be the best way to downsize your gun collection. You can sell the firearms that you no longer want or need to other collectors, while keeping your most valuable guns secure in our safe storage facility. Win-win!

If you’d like to learn more about GTA Guns Auctions, or any of our other services, you can simply visit our website or contact us about any questions you may have. And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!