Top Guns in Spy Movies that DON’T Star James Bond!

As far as movie genres go, you just can’t beat a spy movie! These great films portray the exciting espionage activities of government agents, risking everything to avoid being caught by their enemies. Sometimes, they even save the world! Providing an entertaining mix of escapism, technological thrills, and exotic locales, it’s no wonder the spy […]

Outside of westerns, war movies are probably where firearms make the most frequent, and realistic, appearances on the silver screen. Unlike in action movies where firearms are basically magic with unlimited ammo and perfect aim, firearms in war films usually reflect the gritty and horrible reality of what it was like on the ground (with […]

The Most Popular Guns Used in Westerns

Who doesn’t love a Western? One of the most iconic genre of movies ever, much of the golden age of cinema was built on the popularity of Westerns. Throughout the first-half of the 20th century, Westerns were by far audience’s movie genre of choice. Western movies inspired everything from hit television shows, like Gunsmoke, to […]

What’s your all-time favourite cop show? Turn on the television past 6pm and chances are that you will find a cop show playing on at least one station. Cop shows have been staples since television’s very beginning, applying varying levels of realism over the years depending on audience tastes and network censorship. Of course, every […]

So, what’s your favourite movie? Think of any great action movie and we bet that there will be an iconic and awesome gun in the hand of the hero. Often fantastical, movie guns have inspired imaginations, and probably toy sales, from the beginning of film right up to today. Here are some of the most […]