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Do you know that GTA Guns offers much more than just firearm auctions? We started GTA Guns because we love firearms! Working with passionate collectors to buy and sell guns is a dream, and one that we’ve realized with our online auctions. But our auctions aren’t the only service that we offer firearm owners in […]

So many things changed in 2020. Have our gun auctions changed at all? GTA Guns auctions are, in our opinion and in the opinion of our huge audience across North America, the BEST way to sell your firearms. With us, you don’t need to worry about being scammed, getting lower-than-low sales prices, or spending hours […]

Do you own unwanted or unused guns? Whether you’re a widow who has been left with your spouse’s guns, an executor who is suddenly responsible for an estate that includes firearms, or a senior gun owner who doesn’t want to leave their loved ones with a gun problem, at GTA Guns, we’re here to help. […]

Lawyers, do you have a client who has a gun problem? At GTA Guns, we help lawyers all across the country solve their clients’ gun problems. We provide expertise in firearms and can help solve several gun issues, including: Owning an unregistered firearm Not having a firearm license Storing guns Executing a Will that includes […]

Solve Firearm Problems Now: Gun Liquidation in the GTA

Do you have a “problem” when it comes to collecting guns? For instance, what happens when the size of your collection becomes an issue? Imagine that you need to downsize your living situation, and there is no more room for every gun you own. How do you quickly sell several firearms for what they’re actually […]

I Have to Execute a Will That Includes Firearms. So, Now What?

Have you ever been the executor of an estate that contained multiple firearms? As the executor of a will, there’s an incredible weight on your shoulders. You must execute the post-mortem wishes of your client while also working with those still processing a loved one’s death. In many cases, everything is simple. There’s a will […]

Choosing the Best Gun Auction in Canada: What Makes GTA Guns Better Than the Competition

Quick question: Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? It doesn’t really matter which one you prefer as they mainly offer the same thing: sugar and lots of it! The same goes for many other brands. While everyone has preferences, these rival brands are essentially selling the same product. It’s rare that you find a brand […]