Lawyers: What To Do When You Have a Client With a Gun Problem

Lawyers, do you have a client who has a gun problem? At GTA Guns, we help lawyers all across the country solve their clients’ gun problems. We provide expertise in firearms and can help solve several gun issues, including:

  • Owning an unregistered firearm
  • Not having a firearm license
  • Storing guns
  • Executing a Will that includes firearms
  • Advising an executor of an estate that includes firearms on how to deal with the guns

Licensing and Registering Guns

Do you have clients who “own” unregistered firearms? We know the ins and outs of Canadian gun laws, so we can help your clients register their firearms without any potential legal hassles. We can also provide the resources your clients need to become legal gun owners before they purchase any guns and help your clients register all of their firearms once they get them.

Dealing with Estates With Firearms

Executing a Will that involves guns can quickly become a legal nightmare. Fortunately, we know all of the rules involved with bequeathing firearms to a loved one, even if that loved one doesn’t want the guns! We can help the executor handle the situation legally and efficiently. What’s more, as of January 2016, the Canada Revenue Agency requires you to have estate firearms professionally appraised before a Will may be probated, which brings us to our next point…

Gun Appraisals

At GTA Guns, we provide fair and comprehensive appraisals for all firearms, including antiques. We guarantee an accurate assessment of the value of one’s guns through formal inspection and evaluation.

Every firearm is inspected using our proprietary GUNCHECK™ and CYCLECHECK™ assessments to ascertain their exact condition. After the evaluation, we give you a detailed report that includes the market and replacement value of the guns in addition to all legal and equitable options for selling the firearms, if that is what you or the estate wishes to do. You can also have the firearms appraised before listing them in our auctions. This way, bidders will know the exact value of a gun, helping your client get top dollar for the sale.

Gun Storage

As a lawyer, you may come across clients who are storing their firearms unsafely. Even if the owner of the firearms has passed away, their guns must be stored legally as soon as possible. In Canada, you must keep your firearms unloaded and locked away. The ammunition must also be stored separately or locked up. If the gun is not stored correctly, it can become damaged or even stolen, and your client will be held liable.

Your clients need not worry about storing their guns when they come to GTA Guns. GTA Guns provides 24/7 storage that’s safe, legal, and secure. Our storage facility is fully-insured and climate-controlled, so your clients’ firearms will remain in optimal condition. Whenever your clients need their guns, they can arrange a pick-up time that works for them.

Liquidating Your Firearms

As a lawyer, one of the most common questions your gun-owning clients probably ask is, “how do I liquidate my firearms for their full value?” Although your client could take their guns to a firearms store, chances are they won’t receive the full value of the firearms. They could also try to sell their firearms privately, but that comes with its own set of risks. Remember, firearm stores need to profit from their purchases so they tend to lowball the value of the guns being brought in, while many people encounter scams they could be liable for when trying to sell the firearms privately.

The most straightforward way to liquidate a firearm collection is to use an online auction like GTA Guns. Our experienced professionals handle every aspect of the sale, and our online gun auctions attract buyers from all across North America. Your clients will have access to a massive market of collectors, helping them get full value for their firearms!

Solve Your Gun Problems With GTA Gun Auctions

For professional legal advice, your clients have you. For professional firearm advice, you have GTA guns! We offer several services that will make your job easier by providing you with expert firearm services, experience, and advice to serve your clients and help them solve their gun problems. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and find out how we can help you and your clients.